Life lately (clue: it's sh*t) and a GoFundMe page for Lily and Lola.


GoFundMe link - HERE

I always like my blog to be an honest place. No bull-poo. I have always tried to share the ups and downs and everything in between as much as possible.

One of the reasons why my blog has been so quiet lately is that there has been a whole lot of "downs" and not many "ups" and I am struggling guys. I really am. I don't like to constantly be that person sharing all my tales of woe but right now I feel like I need to reach out and share some of this to keep my sanity intact. 

Lily and Lola are both being treated for conditions at the moment. Lily was rushed to the vets again this morning with her ongoing issues of a (potential) collapsed trachea / breathing issues; she is still at the vets on oxygen and steroid injections, being monitored to see if she stabilises so that I can bring her home. Lola went to the vets yesterday to get antibiotics for a bladder infection and will need further tests to see if her bladder stones have returned (if so, which is highly likely, she will need surgery again). I have the best pet insurance for them both but since they turned 10 years old, the policy excess increased to £125 per pet per condition, plus I am now responsible for paying 20% of all treatment.

At the moment I can't work because my health is so unpredictable. I have patches where I feel okay so I apply for jobs, but by the time the interview comes around I am back to being bed-bound or I have caught yet another virus which completely floors me. At the moment I am 6 days into having tonsillitis and it's not showing signs of getting out of my system. The last time I had tonsillitis it took me around 3 months to go back to my "normal" (chronic fatigue syndrome) self. 

This is a decision I have not taken lightly, and one that makes me feel really ashamed, but I have set up a GoFundMe page for Lily and Lola. The link is - HERE. I am doing my absolute best to keep afloat but with my restrictions on working I am relying on what I make from my Etsy shop to pay my regular bills. So far this has been working okay for me but then an unexpected vet bill pops up and wipes out any progress I make. 
I am staying with a friend at the moment as the combination of CFS and tonsillitis means I am struggling to look after myself, cook/eat, drive, etc. My other friends are dwindling as I isolate myself from them because I feel like I am dragging them down with my problems. 

Over the last three years my health problems have cost me my career (I was forced to resign from my job), my life savings (desperately throwing money at supplements and treatments), my relationships, and my independence. Lily and Lola have always been my main constant and they bring me so much positivity, so to think I can't manage to do the best for them at the moment is really breaking my heart. 

I know that life throws shit at us and we have to keep going, but I really do feel like there aren't many areas of my life going well right now. As soon as you think you've hit rock bottom, you find the bloody basement. 

If you can donate to help Lily and Lola's vet bills then I would be eternally grateful to you and you would be making my life astronomically easier right now. Thank you in advance to anyone who can help. And thank you to everyone reading this for supporting my blog over the years. 

P.S. The link to my Etsy shop is - HERE. All Etsy funds will go towards vet bills too. 

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