Life lately (the calm after the storm, Salts Mill, and Season's Greetings(!!))


It's a chilly Saturday morning and I have Christmas songs playing as I planned to play around with some festive designs for my Etsy shop, but the designs haven't happened yet and the tunes are still going strong. It definitely doesn't feel like August in my house and now I am all out of sorts because I don't actually like Christmas that much. I have had about 5 disastrous ones in a row now! (On a serious note, if anyone has ideas for patterns they would like to see from me or has been looking for a DIY kit for something specific with no joy, send me a message. You can find me on Etsy > here <). 

My week has been a quiet one, thankfully. It was about time things settled down a little and it has been welcomed with open arms. I have been taking things easy as I have been getting rid of the last of the virus/tonsillitis I had (guys - I recovered in a couple of weeks, instead of months, which is good progress for me!!) but I needed to see some other humans before I lost my mind. 

So on Thursday evening I met a friend for a spot of tea and yesterday morning I met one of my bestest pals and her baby at Salts Mill. We had a coffee and caught up on the latest gossip and browsed the books and art supplies. I always feel inspired after visiting Salts Mill, and it did my noggin wonders to see my friend. 

Things with the pugs have settled down a little for now. Thank you so so much to everybody who donated to their GoFundMe page. I have been absolutely blown away by the generosity and support of strangers online recently. Thank you thank you!

Lola's antibiotics seem to have done the trick for her weeing problems, but she will need a bladder scan to get to the bottom of the problem. Lily's health is up and down, and each day is different so I take it one day at a time. Sometimes her breathing is fine, other times it's a little more laboured. So I need to get her checked over again to see if there's any options left to keep her comfortable. 

I have got a day of stitching and crafty stuff planned. Tomorrow probably more of the same plus some job applications. Who'd have thought it would be so hard to find a part time job that fits your needs of having a chronic illness. It's not like I have two heads!?

Have a good one!


  1. SO glad to hear the antibiotics are helping Lola and as always, we have everything crossed for Lily! Keep positive about the job applications - you’ll find the right one soon and it’ll all just click into place! Nicole xx

    1. Thanks Nicole. Your support has been wonderful <3 xx