PUPdate: what has been going on with Lily?


If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen that Lily hasn't been very well. It all started with a traumatic night of breathlessness (her) and losing our shit (mainly me) and then in the early hours of the morning it turned into what can only be described as a 'honking' sound from her throat. Obviously I googled it and suspected the worst but when I rushed her straight to the vets they suggested it could just be a respiratory infection and inflammation. However after a day of scans, they said it looked like a collapsed trachea. 

Lily was in such a bad way that the vet pushed the option of euthanasia and I booked her in for the following morning. I can't explain to you how awful that evening was. I felt like it wasn't real. I wanted to hug her for the entire evening and never let go, but at the same time looking at her and being close with her was making my decision seem like an impossible one. My heart broke that evening. When the time actually does come to say goodbye to her and Lola, I really don't know how I'm going to cope.

To cut a very long and traumatic story short, Lily responded amazingly well to the steroids and medication straight away. She became completely calm and was breathing comfortably so I made the decision to keep fighting (seeing as she was too). We were referred to a specialist in Cheshire.

I knew surgery was not going to be viable for Lily due to her age and the risks involved with her breed, but after hearing more about it from the specialist it possibly wouldn't fix the problem anyway (and it can also make things much, much worse).

The specialist was not fully convinced, looking at the scans from my own vets, that it is definitely a collapsed trachea. He quoted £4000 for his practice to do their own scans and investigations. Here's where it gets tricky. I am fully insured for both Lily and Lola, and I have the best cover possible for them. But as they're senior dogs now my insurance company has a clause where I have to pay 20% of all treatments plus the excess.

As Lily has responded so well to medication and is now completely fine on no medication at all I have decided against any tests for the time being. They would be invasive with anaesthetic and she's an old girl now. I don't want to put her through any more stress than she has already had.

It is fair to say that after daily vet trips for weeks on end, and driving up and down to Cheshire twice in two days, I am enjoying the peace of Lily feeling much better and feeling slightly less frazzled myself. Let's hope it lasts ay?


  1. Victoria don't worry my dog last year had the same problems with breathless. The breathless usually take place at night on very hot summer days. The vets and cardiology doctor said that is a collapsed trachea. Every night for 7 days I was taking my dog at 2 a.m to 5a.m to Vet for injections (for calm and stereoids only two times) and medical oxygen . From this time I giving him theovent pills for breathless and for heart pills and when is very hot I'm turn on the air humidifier. Is very important to dont let in hot air to the house. Right now my york is 15 years old and hi is fine ;) the breathless can repeat when is too hot. I hope Lily is fine today ? ;)

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to pass on this information. It is so helpful and reassuring! I'm so happy your little pooch is a happy old man :) xxx