5 good things (stitching, cycling and exploring!)


Good morning beautiful people. It's Sunday, I had leftover Chinese takeaway for breakfast, I have a cup of tea on the go, and life is good (apart from the leaking ceiling in the kitchen from the sudden influx of rain we're having). To distract myself from the rain and my failing love life, here are 5 good things in my life right now. 

1) I recently ordered a fancy new desk and chair so I have a proper work-space in a corner of the living room which is making it a whole lot easier to write and sew, and work on my little business. I have bought lots of baskets and storage for my craft supplies and fabrics and I have been in my absolute element finding a place for everything. Although saying that, I am working from bed today. It's good to have the option though right?!

2) I bought a second hand bike from eBay last year at the end of summer as I live right by a canal and it's perfect for cycling along as it's all flat. I didn't get much use out of it before the rainy weather took hold and it's been under the cover ever since. 

Last week I pumped up the tyres, dusted off the cobwebs, and ended up cycling nearly 11 bloody miles which, when you've got chronic fatigue, possibly isn't the best idea. I enjoyed it so much though and I didn't have too much payback afterwards. So when the rain clears off I'll be heading out again for some more!

3) The work on my cross stitch kits for beginners is in full flow now and I hope they will be ready in a month or so. All of the components are there, I just need to bring them together and have some cross stitch guinea pigs test them out to make sure they're perfect. I am feeling really inspired at the moment and my brain is full of ideas.

4) I have been getting my money's worth from my Spotify account lately, but there's something therapeutic about music don't you think? It's fair to say I have been feeling a bit sad recently about the state of my health, love life, and life in general, but music is literally saving me from that downward spiral. Today's favourites include: She & Him, Andrew W.K., Big Black Delta, and old school Eminem/D12. Eclectic..!

5) I have been out and about for the last couple of weekends and it has felt really good to explore some new places and go back to old favourites. I went to Hebden Bridge for the first time, calling in to see my friend who works there before strolling around to take in the sights. There was a Steampunk festival on that weekend so it was great to get a coffee and sit back to watch the hustle and bustle. I went to Kirkstall Abbey the other day, somewhere I haven't been for as long as I can remember, as well as a visit back to Salts Mill for book browsing and inspiration. 

Tell me your good things, I'd love to hear 'em :)


  1. Natalie Reynolds29/7/18 3:02 pm

    Oh my GOODNESS! I feel like you have summarised exactly how I’ve been feeling lately... especially re health and love life! Really needed and loved reading this today. Totally agree about music too, it really has been my saviour. So good to focus on the positives though so here’s a few from me:

    1. I’m loving my new flat I moved to in April, there is a lot more going on in walking distance and if I’m having a rubbish day even just going for a stroll helps.

    2. I just purchased new books... Dolly Aldertons ‘Everything I Know About Love’ and ‘Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine’ by Gail Honeyman. Looking forward to reading.

    3. My final thing is that I’ve struggled so much in the heat that I think I can now always appreciate rain and cold weather 😂 which is great when you live in England I suppose. I’m sooo ready for Autumn 🍂

    1. Your list is ace!! The Eleanor Oliphant book is ace so I'm sure you will enjoy it as I did. I'm definitely more grateful when we get a cooler day now!! xx