My hypnotherapy treatment - who / what / why [8 sessions in].


Over the last two and a half years I have tried a number of treatments to help my chronic fatigue syndrome and my anxiety, which bounces between being moderate to severe and has a massive impact on my daily life. Hypnotherapy has always been on the list but for some reason I didn't take the plunge. Possibly put off by the cost and also not finding anybody local who I felt was the 'right' person for the job.

Fast forward from my initial thoughts on it, to a few months ago when my mum came home from work and told me about her colleague who had recovered from chronic fatigue syndrome with the help of hypnotherapy and was now a fair way through the hypnotherapist training as she wanted to share this tool with other sufferers of CFS / anxiety. She needed guinea pigs to give free sessions to and obviously I jumped at the chance, putting myself forward via my mum. 

We chatted on the phone where I answered a few questions about my symptoms, my life over the last few years, traumatic events, phobias, and gave her an overall picture of how I have come to be in my current situation. Then we met in person where I was told what the process would be and how it would help me. I felt a really good connection with her. I knew she understood how I was feeling because she had been in the same situation and had experienced the same symptoms and ignorance from others. It is fair to say I was excited for the following week to get started on the actual hypnosis itself!

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I was given a tape to listen to every evening when I got into bed. The idea of this was to get my brain used to her voice and to have a relaxation tool. Then I would meet with her each Monday evening but use the tape on the other evenings, or even through the day if I was having a particularly bad day. 

I didn't know what to expect before my first proper session and I was really nervous, but I had nothing to worry about. Half the session was talking; telling her what had been good about my week and describing how I would feel if I woke up and I wasn't poorly and could do anything I wanted to do. This gets the brain into the 'intelligent' part which is the positive side. From there I take my position on the bed under a comfy blanket and she starts the hypnosis.

I think there are a few misconceptions about hypnosis. I've had around 8 sessions of it now and sometimes I fall into it quite deeply and other times I daydream in and out of it, but it always feels safe. 

I have learned so much about how the brain works. Once you know the basics it explains so much about why we get stuck in the same patterns. Going back to bed and hiding under the covers when we feel depressed. Avoiding doing things that we know will help. When we are stuck in the negative part of the brain we repeat past templates of behaviour because that part of the brain can't come up with anything different. 

I haven't finished my sessions, I still have a few to go, so I will be reporting back when I have finished my treatment. But what can I tell you about what has changed so far?

I have more energy and have been sleeping less in the daytime by a considerable amount.

The length of time I spend in REM sleep has reduced (this phase of sleep is exhausting and can explain why we wake up feeling shattered). 

I am more aware of why I have certain thoughts and feelings and feel more in control of snapping myself out of a bad patch. 

I am by no means fixed or perfect. I still have bad days and bad thoughts. But I feel like the length of time I get stuck in those negative places has reduced. I will have a bad day rather than a bad fortnight or a bad month, like in the past.

I look forward to updating you when I have finished all of my sessions to let you know how I am!

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