Free cross stitch pattern - I FORKING LOVE YOU.


To celebrate the re-opening of my Etsy shop I want to share a free pattern with you; something I aim to do regularly. I love cross stitching, and my new venture of designing patterns is bringing me a lot of happiness. As you may know, having a regular job is difficult for me right now due to my health problems. If I can make a teeny bit of a living from this I will be over the moon.

Below you will find the pattern for this hoop design. Feel free to use the colours of your choice, but for guidance I used the DMC colours below. This pattern uses mainly whole stitches with a couple of half stitches in there. If you're a complete beginner keep an eye on my new Instagram account (@threadordeadclub) as I'm going to share video tutorials on there to help get you started and I am also working on some kits to buy! Kits are a great option as they include everything you need to get going. Trust me, I know how expensive buying craft supplies individually can be!

As a guide, I used 14 count Aida fabric which is pretty much the standard fabric you will find in crafts shops like Hobbycraft. To get started find the centre of your fabric by folding it in half, then half again, and wiggle your needle through that centre hole so you can find it when you open your fabric back out again. Then start stitching from the centre of the pattern which is indicated by the red dot. 

Text - DMC 310
Fork - DMC E168 (or DMC 318 for a non metallic option)

I despise stitching with metallic thread as it is quite bitty and annoying, but you may have more patience than me. 

If you save the image below to your desktop you can then zoom in and out as you need to. It goes without saying not to sell my pattern or the finished hoop pieces without my prior permission. And finally if you use the pattern and want to help me with my new business venture there is a donate button in the sidebar.

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