10 things making me happy right now.


1) Taking the time to make proper coffee first thing in the morning in the cafetiere, with a dash of syrup.

2) Free hypnotherapy sessions every week. 

3) Flight of the Conchords songs. 

4) New credits on Audible. 

5) Cross stitching sweary words. 

6) Having a Fit Bit to track my steps and push me to move around a little more. 

7) My sweet and caring boyfriend. 

8) Lily being signed off from the vets for her poorly eye. 

9) The cookies I baked yesterday. 

10) Bath & Body Works candles - I've got a lavender marshmallow on its way to me as we speak. 


  1. Cross stitching sweary words is one of my favourite forms of therapy! xx

  2. Lavender Marshmallow? Sounds amazing! x