Life lately (hypnotherapy, harry potter studios, and having another go at Etsy).


Next week sees the official start of my hypnotherapy sessions after meeting my hypnotherapist last week and subsequently listening to a tape of her voice each evening, to get used to what she sounds like. This lady recovered from chronic fatigue syndrome and overcame severe anxiety with the help of hypnotherapy before deciding to train up herself (and I get to be her guinea pig for free!) so I am really hopeful for some positive results.

Just like buses, my therapy appointments all come along at once. I've also had a counselling session scheduled for next week which came along much quicker than the 3 - 4 month waiting list I was told about. I think it will be good to start the two therapies together. I have previously tried CBT counselling which wasn't suited to me, so I'm hoping plain old talking therapy will be better. 

I have my second cold of the year... I know, I sound like a broken record. My tonsils are swollen and I feel like I am swallowing shards of glass, and my head is fuzzy like it's full of mush. As of yesterday evening I can also add a streaming nose to my list of symptoms. I'm trying a couple of new supplements; A Vogel echinacea drops, and Sambucol which is strong zinc and vitamin C. At this point I will literally take any improvement, no matter how small!

February brings my 33rd birthday, as well as my boyfriend's birthday a few days after, and a trip to Manchester with an overnight stay (I'm hoping for a trip to The Principal - what a beauty of a hotel!) 

Then March sees a trip to Harry Potter Studios with one of my best pals and also I have tickets to see Flight of the Conchords at Leeds Arena so I'd say that's going to be a pretty amazing month. Inwill be praying to the immune system gods that my health holds up so I can enjoy it all! 

Lily hurt her eye a few days ago. I'm not sure how she did it but one minute she was fine, the next she wouldn't open her eye and it was swollen. As it's her only 'good' eye this rendered her unable to see much at all so off to the vets we went. She had managed to graze her entire eye ball and it was very sore indeed, but a course of medicine and drops has got her on the path to recovery. The graze is shrinking in size so hopefully by her next check-up it will be back to normal. 

I have reopened my Etsy shop with a new name as I plan to sell some cross stitch related things. Small hoops, badges, and PDF patterns. Maybe one day some kits too! It is very much in the early stages of development but I hope you will stop by and favourite my shop, if you can, to see when I add new things. I will of course update my Instagram accounts (@lilyloveslola and my new one @threadordeadclub) to let you know. 

That's all for now folks. Have a good weekend! 


  1. Aw hope you get better soon! Good luck with your appointments! I tried CBT once for my BPD but didn't really get on with it either xx

    1. Yeah it wasn't for me, but everyone else seems to benefit from it. Thanks for the luck :)

  2. Let us know how the hypnotherapy goes. Definitely worth considering.

  3. We're seeing Flight of the Conchords in Liverpool; we've never been before so making a mini break out of it. And yay, for Etsy. Finding and following as I type. I'm making more effort to shop small this year.