Goals / thoughts for the year ahead.


Today is one of those days where, after a few sleepless nights and heightened anxiety, writing down my thoughts is therapeutic and so that's what I'm going to damn well do before making my dinner and chilling out on the sofa watching Outlander (does anyone else watch? It's seriously amazing right?).

I popped an Instagram post on my account this morning touching on how I've been feeling recently which is frustrated with my health and career situation and generally feeling like my life hasn't turned out that great. There's something about approaching a birthday (33 on the 3rd of Feb folks!) to make you feel like you don't have your shit together. 

Apparently sharing your goals makes you more likely to stick to them so here goes. I'm not into strict resolutions and setting specific goals to lose weight or anything that I could fail at, but I do have a few areas that I would like to work on and I think they're all achievable. 

* Write more. I would love to attend a creative writing course this year but whether I do or I don't, I want to keep writing. Whether that's through my blog, my diary, my Instagram account, or something more structured like an e-book or a novel. When I was younger I was obsessed with Stephen King books and I wanted to write for a living more than anything. I didn't take steps to pursue this and I'm sure my writing skills are average at best, but I would love to take things a step further somehow. 

* Work on acceptance. I still don't think I have fully accepted that I'm not going to recover from chronic fatigue syndrome overnight and I really need to. This doesn't have to mean that I accept it will be around for the rest of my life but I do need to factor in that 2018 will be another year of taking things slow and steady, having a good self-care routine, and compromising on certain things I want to do that may not be possible right now. I will never accept that me and CFS are bound together forever but I need to accept that it's not going to go away overnight because the damage that caused it didn't happen overnight.

* Be more creative, try new hobbies and find what feels good! I am still very much into cross stitching and would love to start making and selling my own designs seeing as there's a massive gap in the market for modern, awesome patterns. As of yesterday I'm trying my hand at weaving and working on a wall hanging that I'm going to force upon my poor unsuspecting boyfriend. I also want to pick up where I left off with practicing calligraphy which has to be one of the most beautiful and satisfying hobbies there is. As the year progressing I hope to try another craft or two to broaden my skills and maybe make a few pennies out of it in the process if I can figure out how to bring my cross stitch patterns to life.

* Eat less meat, buy less plastic, recycle and try to be a better friend / human being.

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  1. I want to start calligraphy too, and creative writing courses are awesome - I did two last year and really enjoyed them! xx