33 facts about me.


As I approach my 33rd birthday I thought I would share 33 facts about myself, in case anyone is new around here or for those old-timers who want to get to know me a little better.

1 - My name is Victoria; not Lily or Lola which is a common mistake. Most PR emails I get are addressed to the dogs, rather than me. They are cuter though I guess. 

2 - I'm an Aquarius and regularly check my horoscope.

3 - I am obsessed with candles and like to have them burning in each room of the house most of the time.

4 - I have zero patience. It's actually a real problem. I should probably work on that.

5 - I grew up in Leeds near Meanwood and I love being back around these parts as it feels so familiar to me (and they have a Waitrose now so..)

6 - I once hired a personal trainer purely so I could ask him out on a date which is one of the bravest things I have ever done. I'm not sure where I got that courage from!

7 - I love looking at home decor inspiration on Pinterest even though right now I'm staying in my mum's spare room. Hopefully this is the year I move on and can decorate my own spaces.

8 - I adopted Lily and Lola from The Dogs Trust at the end of 2008. They already had those names and I decided not to change them as I felt they suited their personalities perfectly.

9 - Last year I got several tattoos in quick succession after not being brave enough to have one before that. And yes, my family hate them. 

10 - I have my nose pierced and three holes in each ear, which I'm hoping to add to. 

11 - I have had my driving licence for 15 years and have driven Smart cars for 14 of those. I dread the day I have to give them up for a more sensible option.

12 - My dream car is a Nissan Figaro but they aren't much more practical than a Smart car.

13 - I would like to have a family one day. I know I'm getting on a bit but I'm hoping I haven't missed the boat. I think I would be a pretty cool mum.

14 - I have an "all or nothing" personality. I can't ever just do something a little bit.

15 - My friend taught me how to cross stitch around seven years ago and I have loved it ever since.

16 - My dream is to somehow make a living from creating and selling crafty things, or writing. 

17 - In 2015 I was diagnosed with glandular fever which is similar to the flu. At one point I couldn't stand without someone supporting my body weight and I was very, very poorly for a long time. Two and a half years later and it's still lingering, which has resulted in a diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS / ME) which affects my daily life quite a bit. 

18 - In my quest to get better I have tried alternative avenues such as acupuncture, homeopathy, nutritional changes, EFT (emotional freedom technique) and massage. My next venture is hypnotherapy which I start very soon! 

19 - When I'm stressed I clean. 

20 - I'm a self-help book junkie.

21 - I met my boyfriend on Tinder.

22 - I went on quite a few dates using Match a couple of years ago and I could write a book about the funny stories. Dating a bunch of weirdos gives you a lot of good writing material that's for sure. 

23 - I sleep a lot. Like a lot lot. 

24 - My personality type according to the Myers-Briggs personality test is INFJ and I think it's pretty accurate. 

25 - I've been blonde for the majority of my life as I have always hated my natural brunette colour but I've embraced it once again and I quite like it now. Also it will save me a small fortune. 

26 - My favourite quote is from Shakespeare (Macbeth I believe) "come what come may, time and the hour runs through the roughest day". 

27 - I'm a tea fiend and my tipple is Yorkshire Tea.

28 - I hope to study and re-train to get into a profession where I can help people with CFS. 

29 - My favourite flowers are gerbaras.

30 - In the last year I have tried to become as minimalist as possible, donating and selling about 70% of my belongings. However the one thing I can't stop buying / collecting are books. 

31 - I did a skydive a few years ago and I would do another in a heartbeat!

32 - I loved primary school but high school wasn't so kind to me.

33 - Writing this blog is my longest commitment to any hobby I've tried and it still astounds me that it's still alive and kicking after nearly nine years. 


  1. I love this! I've actually found this really inspirational too! I need to declutter and look at getting rid of loads of my belongings. I'm such a horder though, definitely a flaw of mine.

    1. It feels sooo good! Just tackle one room / drawer at a time :)

  2. Really liked this! Please let us know how the hypnotherapy goes! Was considering it for anxiety!

    1. I certainly will, I plan to do some blog posts about it :)

  3. Yorkshire tea or no tea in this house!
    Loved reading this post :) x

  4. As a long time reader (I started reading your blog within it's first year - yes, we're talking around 9 years ago!!) I really enjoyed this post! I love learning new things about people and I've followed you along your journey through jobs, partners, trips, health, fitness etc. so it was fun to learn a bit more :) xx

    1. This is amazing! Thank you for sticking with me the whole time, that's ace! What a journey it has been hey :)

  5. I love posts like this, I'm 32 next month (a fellow Aquarian) and am tempted to do a 32 facts. I'm totally with you on 4, 23 and the Yorkshire tea. I used to request it at work and was judged by the Lancastrian (fools) I worked with.

    1. Early happy birthday for next month! Thanks for stopping by :)