CFS / glandular fever recovery mini-series: 10 signs I knew my health was getting better (part 2).


6) My random bruises disappeared. For a long time I was covered in bruises. I am a fairly clumsy person so at first this wasn't too odd but I came to realise that they were popping up left, right and centre. I did some research into adrenal fatigue and it's a common symptom associated with that (I was tested for my adrenal function and it wasn't doing so great). The random bruises hung around for a while but now I only get bruises when I walk into objects (which is fairly often tbh). 

7) Cravings for salt, salt and more salt reduced in intensity. I used to crave it like an actual beast and I couldn't get enough of salty foods, but this has subsided somewhat. 

8) Tolerance to sunshine / sunbathing / sweating improved. For a good year or so I couldn't sit out in the sunshine for long periods of time and, if I did, I would have to pay the consequences. I was a bit nervous about my recent trip to Kefalonia as I wondered how all the heat would affect me but I was absolutely fine. 

9) My afternoon crashes stopped. For the first 18 months of this illness I had daily afternoon crashes. At the beginning of this year my body and brain would just stop functioning, the flu-like symptoms would come crashing in. and the only thing I could do was go lie down / sleep. I do still get very fatigued in the afternoons and the occasional crash but nothing like it once was. 

10) Miscellanous body pains disappeared. One of the worst symptoms for me was the leg pains I experienced, usually in the night. It was like an ache I had never experienced before, like my bones were on fire and no amount of soaks in the bath or tablets helped. Thankfully this stage passed and now the only aches and pains I get are from my permanently stiff shoulders and sore muscles after exercising which feels kinda good now.

Sending love and positive vibes to anyone who needs them!

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