Books I have read in 2017 (26 - 30).


#26 Letters To My Fanny - Cherry Healey 4/5

I'm going to be honest here; I bought this book purely for the funny title and pink cover because that's how I roll. I am not familiar with Cherry Healey as a journalist/celebrity but I am all for reading anything related to self-help / body image / being a lady.

This is Cherry's collection of letters to each part of her body, from head to toe (including her fanny, obviously). She has an open and comical way of writing and I genuinely felt more loving towards my body when I had finished reading this. I have a long way to go until I can accept my figure, face and brain as they are but this book definitely helped me along.

#27 The Letter - Kathryn Hughes 4.5/5

Sometimes you overdo the non-fiction and you need to get your teeth into a really good story, and The Letter was just that. It's a story of two women in different times; the 1970s and the 40s and how a letter hidden inside a jacket pocket can bring two strangers and their families together.

I really enjoyed this book. The time jumps were easy to follow and the experiences the women encountered were not your usual "chick lit" topics such as domestic violence and abortions. I genuinely wanted to know where each character would end up.

#28 Confidence - Katie Piper (audiobook) 3.5/5

Most of us are familiar with Katie Piper and the terrible events she encountered, leaving her scarred and in need of ongoing operations. I can't even begin to imagine the trauma she has been through yet she has come through the other side with confidence and I wanted to know her secrets.

I enjoyed this as an audiobook because listening to Katie read made it feel more personal, like I was chatting with a friend. There were lots of useful snippets and tips in this book, however, because I am a bit of a self-help-aholic I was familiar with a lot of the content already. That being said I would recommend this book for someone new to the world of self-help books as a perfect starting point. Perhaps a gift for someone who hasn't read much on the topic before.

#29 Big Magic - Elizabeth Gilbert (audiobook) 2.5/5

I really wanted to enjoy this but oh my, I did not. Elizabeth's voice grated on me to the point where it all came across as a little bit sanctimonious. I am totally on board with the concept of the book and I do genuinely feel like incorporating more creativity into my life because of it, but a lot of the chapters went way over my head. I definitely should have got the book version!

#30 Counselling for Toads - Robert De Board 5/5

I read this book in preparation for potentially studying counselling next year as I believe it is one of the recommended materials. I loved it! I plan to lend it to my friends and family as I really do think it could benefit everyone; whether you want to study counselling, have counselling, or you know someone who is struggling with their mental health and you want to know what to say and do to help them.

It's a twist on The Wind in the Willows which sees Toad feeling very depressed and his venture into counselling with Heron, and how his friends Rat, Badger and Mole deal with it along the way. 

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