5 good things (Lincoln, long time online pals, and lots of self-care).


I am spoilt for choice with content for today's "5 good things" post because so many wonderful things have been happening to me lately for which I am truly grateful. I had been feeling a little down in the dumps and not quite myself but these 5 things, along with a host of others, have helped to put a smile back on my face.

This time of year is always tricky isn't it? The change of weather, the darker nights, the festive season approaching (which some of us don't particularly look forward to, but we must endure the excitement of everybody else). I'm trying to be a little kinder to myself and also filling my time with as many lovely things as I can. And sleep. All the sleep. 

1) A trip to Alton Towers earlier this week where I managed to be on my feet for the best part of 8 or 9 hours, did 20,000 steps and queued in the freezing cold having the MOST fun with the nicest boy I know. It has been so long since I've been on any rides and I did wonder if my body would be able to stand all that stimulation as it was really sensitive to noise and motion at one point, but I smashed it guys! Going on The Smiler first was possibly a schoolboy error but I enjoyed the day nonetheless. Jelly legs and all! 

2) Wrapping up warm and exploring. Me and my pal Steph frequent Otley and Ilkley for coffee, lunch and strolls and each trip makes me so happy. It helps that our favourite haunt - Salami & Co - is doggie friendly so every time we go we make friends with all the furry pups. You can't beat good coffee, good food and then a walk by the water and a mess about on the (kids) playground to raise your spirits. 

3) Visiting long-time Internet pals! I recently visited my friend Rosalyn (@rosalynoxer on Instagram) who normally resides in Valencia with her husband but was back "home" in Lincoln for a few weeks. I drove down to stay with her at her folks place and we had such a lovely time together. We have always been pally online but grew closer when Rosalyn was diagnosed with glandular fever earlier this year, and of course we all know I've been tackling it since 2015. So I've tried to be on hand with advice and support as much as I can. We are hoping to meet up again in December for a Christmas market so fingers crossed our energy levels allow us to do so! 

4) Enjoying the company of a certain man beginning with O who has restored my faith in men a little.

5) Building up a self-care routine. I have been massively slacking on this recently and some previous bad habits were creeping back in. So I have pulled my socks up and re-introduced: regular epsom salt baths (a good 30 min soak), less phone time, more reading, pampering, face-masks, painting my nails, body brushing, and general relaxation time. Oh and early nights. There is nothing wrong with an 8:30pm bedtime folks!

What are your 5 good things at the moment? 


  1. I seriously need to build a self-care routine. It's such an important part of adulting, and way too easy to let slide. Thanks for the gentle reminder that we all need to take care of ourselves.

  2. Glad things are going well for you! Alton Towers sounds like a really fun day and there is definitely nothing wrong with early nights, especially now that the evenings are so dark and cold x

    1. Exactly. It feels like 9pm when it's only about 5pm :)

  3. Hi! Long time reader here, and I hope this isn't offensive, but having read this blog for years and years I feel like I need to say something as a 'friend'! I just think that maybe it's time to have some 'you' time, rather than going from boyfriend (or whatever they call themselves!) to boyfriend. I've followed since the J days, and from that you moved in with P relatively quickly which made it quite intense quite quick, and then the new holiday boy pal, and now its been a few weeks and there's already this new O guy. I just don't want you to keep getting hurt and relying on male attention to be happy for a while, and then see you get down when it doesn't work out! I mean this all with love (even though its quite hard to get that across in a comment on the internet!) bcos Im just sad and tired of seeing you sad and tired!