Haworth [60s weekend].


Last Sunday I visited Haworth for the first time; somewhere I have wanted to visit for a really long time. We picked a great day to go because, unbeknown to us, it was their 60s weekend! I knew they did a 40s weekend once a year but I didn't realise other decades got involved too so this was an exciting prospect.

We pulled up in the car park to the sounds of 60s live music pumping from nearby, multiple Mods on their scooters, and a few people dressed in 60s appropriate clothes truly getting into the spirit of things.

The weather wasn't on our side with on and off drizzle throughout the day but we did manage to sit outside with a cuppa while the sun made a brief appearance.

I made a beeline for every single dog I saw, with my favourites being a gang of three consisting of two Boston Terriers and a French Bulldog who we saw everywhere we went much to my delight. They were the sweetest dogs. I think Lily and Lola would have liked them (or tried to beat them all up, either or).

Haworth is such a beautiful place. I felt like I was on a Harry Potter set frequently throughout our visit with the cobbled streets lined with quirky shops. I can't wait to go back with Lily and Lola when things are a little quieter and we can have a steady stroll around.


  1. Oh wow, it's fun to see an entire village turn out and celebrate like this! I didn't even know the place existed!

    Also, loving the photo of the monks in their vibrant robes in the very British looking cobbled street.


  2. Howarth is definitely on my 'to visit' list. Having grown up in West Yorkshire I really feel like I should have already been!

  3. These are probably the best photos you've taken! Those bikes are gorgeous, and I would really love to have a 60's evening- no internet, strolls, dinner, malt beers with friends...? Join me, haha! xx

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