A long overdue "life lately" (trips away, taking the plunge back to work, and trying out Tinder??!)


Good morning lovely blog people. I can only apologise for being MIA. Life suddenly got rather busy and the longer that time went on without me blogging the more I had to tell you, which made me wonder where to start. So here I go; I will attempt to summarise the last two months! And I promise to update more frequently from now on. Pinky promise!  

* I'm going to do a separate blog post about my health/CFS situation, but the overall vibe is that my health is getting better all the time; I am able to do so much more with my days without feeling too poorly from it. I still have mild symptoms of glandular fever/chronic fatigue syndrome/M.E. (whatever you wanna call it) but they are tolerable and I am learning how to manage them but also to push myself a little each week. I genuinely feel like I can 100% beat this and it feels pretty awesome. 

* I'm back at work, after a year off! I have managed a few months of part time working, doing a few hours every day, which I seem to be managing well so far. I'm really enjoying using my brain again. My manager is lovely and I am so grateful to be back out in the world of work because for such a long time I wondered if it would ever happen.

* After a few months of being happy as a clam as a single lady I launched myself into the world of online dating and swiftly remembered how stressful and horrendous it is. Thankfully (after a couple of dates which didn't go anywhere) I soon met a rather handsome and sweet chap who I have been seeing for about 7 weeks now. He's had a tough time of things too so we're just taking things steady and enjoying each other's company and that works for me!

* I have had weekends away in Manchester and York, a day trip to Ilkley and have been getting to grips with where everything is in Leeds with plenty of shopping trips, picnics and tea/cake dates.

* I'm exercising regularly and feeling good. It's early days but I really hope I can build up to running again and maybe start doing Parkruns. I would be over the moon if I managed that.

* I have just booked two holidays for this year which I could not be happier about. GIVE ME THE SUNSHINE! I'm going to Kefalonia in a couple of weeks time, and Amsterdam in September.

* I got a pink rinse on my hair and absolutely loved it.

* Life is a million miles away from where it was 6 months ago. And for that, I am one grateful lady!


  1. Glad to get a little catch up with you. So glad that life is improving every day.

  2. Yay!! Sounds like things are on the up for you- you deserve it! Long may it continue

  3. You're looking really well Victoria, so glad to hear you're feeling on the mend x

    Lorna | Lorna, literally.

  4. So happy that everything is going well, you really deserve it! Also Kefalonia is amazing, I have been twice, I blogged briefly about our trip last year, nothing too detailed but might be helpful! Enjoy! Xx

  5. I'm so happy to read these updates, Victoria xx


  6. Glad things are looking up for you, you look so happy! You'll have an amazing time in Amsterdam, I love it there!

  7. Ah you're looking so happy lately Victoria!! So pleased your health is improving and that you're even back at work - you've come such a long way lovely! x

  8. So happy that you're back at work as well! xx

  9. So happy things seem to be looking up for you Victoria! Have an amazing time in Kefalonia, I absolutely LOVE Greece.

    Jess | Jess Who