Life lately (old mates and lunch dates).


There was so much love for my last blog post - thank you! It was one of the easiest and quickest posts I've ever written because the words flowed straight from my heart into my fingers, and it felt so good to get it all out there. 

It's been almost a month since my last "life lately" post and even though I have been sharing daily life over on my Instagram page, for those folks who aren't on there I thought an update was in order. 

My broken heart has slowly been gluing itself back together. I smile and find joy in my days again, and I truly feel like it was for the best even though at first I couldn't see it in that way. I have been doing a lot of "letting go" exercises; letting go of old boyfriends and living in Sheffield and my old ways of life. My focus is now on being back in Leeds, friends, family, my health and happiness, and taking one day at a time. Some days are better than others but I am finding that when I am diligent with my meditating/breathing exercises, yoga, walking in nature, writing in my diary, avoiding junk food and drinking plenty of water, etc, it is easier to feel good and stay on the right side of my chronic fatigue syndrome. 

What else have I been up to?

Last week I met up with the wonderful Kelly aka Kelanjo (her blog is here) after not seeing her since our early 2009/2010 blogging days. She only lives 15 minutes away from where I'm staying with my parents, so we popped out for a brew and a long overdue chinwag. I genuinely had such a lovely afternoon and was smiling all evening thinking of the daft stuff we had been laughing about. We had a pot of tea and browsed in the shops at Salts Mill, discussing our love for books and trying to hunt down Milk & Honey by Rupi Kaur (still haven't got my hands on a copy).

A couple of days ago I met up with two old pals who go way back to high school. We met in year 7 as diddy 12 year olds and were the bestest of friends through high school and sixth form. Due to a couple of us moving away in our mid 20s we lost touch and haven't met up as a "three" in about 6 years, but I'm determined it won't happen again. It was so good to see two familiar faces and to talk about old times.

Aside from that I have been doing lots of reading (self-help books are my fave), walking along the canal most days, I sent books to some strangers with a note inside, I have been working on a new cross stitch project which I am making as a surprise for a friend, so I can't share it just yet, and I have been hanging out with my mum quite a bit. We had a lunch date at Pie Minister in Leeds a couple of Saturdays ago and it was bloody delicious.

That's all for now; have a good Wednesday people! xx


  1. Great post Victoria, Im glad youre feeling more positive :) Im currently going through a break-up. Its heart breaking, its turned my life upside down yet again (split from my husband 3 years ago). Its tough starting out again. But Im feeling more positive after reading this xx

  2. Lovely to hear you're doing well and looking after yourself. It's so easy to drift away from old school friends so it's great you connected with them again! x

  3. Although I don't know you personally it has made me happy to read that you have had some wonderful happenings recently - Long may they continue!

    Tasmin ox

  4. I'm very happy that you're feeling well and so positive! Also, it's good to be out and about doing things and with friends!

  5. You are the courageous person to keep your faith like this story. Hope you'll be sucessfull in your life