Isle of Man trip photos [February 2017].


I jetted off (well, took the 20 minute flight) to the Isle of Man last week to spend a few days with my sister; they live in Peel close to the sea/beach which I am insanely jealous about. I was ready for some fresh sea air, a change of scenery and, of course, to see my niece, Mabel. She is changing so much so quickly, so it's nice to see her as often as I can.

I managed the drive to Liverpool airport and back by myself without feeling too poorly for doing it, which is good going considering driving is the activity that wipes me out the most. I still enjoy the novelty of such a short flight and I quite like flying on my own and pottering around the airport while I wait for my gate number.

The weather was beautiful on my first full day; chilly but with blue skies and bright sunshine, but the rest of my trip was drizzly and grey. It didn't stop us getting out and about though. We took one or two walks each day, paid a trip to the park and had a go on the swings, pottered around on the beach, and went on coffee dates. There was plenty of playing and dancing around in the house through the days, which explains my 8:30pm bedtimes each night :)

I am going back again in a couple of weeks to keep my sister company while her husband is away seeing friends. I've got my fingers and toes crossed for warmer, dryer weather next time around!

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