Novemblog #3 - the reason behind my blog name and why I started blogging.


It was the Summer of 2009. I had accepted a new job as a receptionist for a fancy office in the centre of Leeds. The job sounded amazing and I was excited for a new start, somewhere a little more corporate than my last couple of receptionist jobs. However it soon became apparent that there was literally nothing to do. The phone didn't ring, the incoming post consisted of approximately three letters each morning, and the highlight of my day was ordering free Philpotts lunches for everyone because that was pretty much my only task for the day.

After I had tidied my desk to within an inch of its life, sorted and re-sorted the kitchen cupboards and exhausted all other options I started to browse the internet to get me through the day with my sanity intact. My favourite thing to do was visit Yahoo Answers and spend hours answering questions. I was quite proud of my user rating on there! Anyway I kept seeing answers from another girl who was signing off with a link to her blog so I clicked on the link and had a nosy. This was the first blog I ever found. She posted about clothes and music and general life, and I loved it! 

Me and Lily catching a few zzz's in 2008

From there I found other blogs and discovered a small group of beauty bloggers. I had a thought that I could set up my own blog and join them, but I didn't do anything about it for a few weeks as I was scared of putting myself "out there". It's fair to say I was (and still am!) lacking in confidence and quite shy. 

While I thought about whether I would set one up or not I toyed with a few blog name ideas linked to makeup and beauty, as I was interested in that at the time, but I couldn't get excited about any of the names. In the end I decided to use my dogs names, Lily and Lola. As Lily used to cuddle up to Lola all the time my blog lilyloveslola was born! It's as simple as that. 

Those first few posts I published terrified me as I was worried about getting mean comments or that nobody would want to read them but I was soon welcomed into the blogging community by lots of lovely people who left such nice comments on all my posts. I've been reading through those old posts this morning and it reminded me of a time when I didn't worry about what I wrote or if my photos were any good (I mean clearly they weren't!:)) I just wrote whatever I wanted to and shared my life, and I absolutely loved blogging. 

It is fair to say that my life has changed quite a lot in the seven years I've been writing this blog but there are a couple of things that have been consistent throughout; Lily and Lola! I hope you enjoy reading about them, and me too of course. 

The early days when I watermarked all my photos and seemed to like changing my hair colour!


  1. I have been following you for a very long time indeed and is it scary that I recognise all of those pictures up there! I can remember leaving a comment desperate to know what foundation you wore (it was EL Double Wear!). I blogged too, ah the good old days!

    1. Ha I love that you remember these photos! It was soo long ago!! EL Double Wear is pretty incredible - I used to get through bottles of the stuff! xx

  2. So interesting reading about why other bloggers started their blogs! Thanks for sharing :)

    Renee | Life After Lux