Novemblog #9 - LUSH purchases/reviews.


Since I decided to only buy products from cruelty free brands I find myself visiting LUSH more frequently. I've been having a few issues with eczema and sensitive, irritated skin this year so again LUSH is appealing because there's an emphasis on fresh, natural ingredients. I picked some new items a few months ago so I thought I would share my thoughts and how they have helped or hindered my skin.

D'fluff shaving cream (link)

D'fluff caught my eye due to its bright pink consistency and the fact I've never seen it before. Also it's got a pretty silly name. I've been having a lot of trouble with my skin this year, especially on my legs which gets worse after shaving them. They get really itchy and irritated and then the next time I shave them it makes them worse.

I've used up a full pot of D'fluff and I definitely noticed a huge difference compared to when I was using regular shower gel or soap. It smells lovely, left my skin feeling very smooth after every use and the itchiness and irritation completely calmed down. I need another pot in my life pronto! At £5.75 for the smallest size pot it's not the cheapest option but it's a great product which I would recommend to all!

Ocean Salt face and body scrub (link)

I use this scrub on my face (note: I don't have sensitive skin on my face, it's very oily) and it works a treat. I always feel brighter and like my makeup sits better the morning after I've used it. The salty, zesty ingredients make me feel refreshed and give me beachy, holiday vibes which can never be a bad thing.

Ocean Salt is cruelty free and vegan too, containing tofu of all things!

Sympathy for the Skin hand and body moisturiser (link)

First things first, this smells amazing. It smells of banana-y, vanilla-y, cocoa butter-y goodness and I love it. Second of all it's a really good moisturiser which leaves my skin feeling soft, smelling delightful and it doesn't leave a heavy, greasy feeling behind.

It hasn't done a great deal for the patches of eczema on my elbows and hands, although it doesn't irritate them either. I probably wouldn't repurchase this product as I would be keen to try something else that could help my dry elbows and hands more. 

Honey I Washed the Kids soap (link)

I decided not to repurchase The Comforter shower gel (I'm obsessed with the scent but I don't think it was doing my sensitive skin any favourites) and instead I went for a bar of soap. The store assistant that helped me with my purchases suggested this soap would be good for me as it contains honey which would be soothing on my skin.

I really got on well with this soap; it doesn't irritate my skin in any way. My only negative point is that soaps are a nightmare to store and I would much rather have something in a bottle for ease of use. 

What are your LUSH favourites or recommendations for me?


  1. No idea how you managed to use a salt scrub, stings like mad on my sensitive skin!

    By far the best products for eczema from lush are Dream Cream and Ceridwens cauldron!

    1. I don't have sensitive skin or eczema on my face - it's very oily combo.
      I've edited the post so that's clear now. Thanks xx

  2. I bloody LOVE Lush! Such a great company and products AND cruelty free, what more could you ask for?!