Novemblog #6 - 10 things making me happy at the moment.


* Tomorrow we're going to Manchester with friends to see Sons of Pitches perform for the second time and I am so excited! We saw them perform a few months back in Sheffield when we had front row seats, which was incredible. During the interval we bumped into a couple of friends and we all couldn't wait to book tickets for the SOP's second tour together. Manchester was our nearest venue so we're staying over and going for dinner beforehand. These guys are so talented! Watch a couple of their YouTube videos and you'll see what I mean. You have to keep reminding yourself that it's all from their voices, no instruments, which doesn't seem possible!

* It's November and Bonfire Night has passed which in my book means it is acceptable to listen to Christmas music and not be told off for it. Christmas music makes me so damn happy! 

* I recently discovered that Sheffield has a juice bar and last week when I was nearby I called in to get a couple of juices to take home. It's a good job this place isn't closer to where I live because I would be in there every day, which would be a nightmare for my purse! I tried the Botanical Gardens green juice and the Spice of Life juice; both were delicious and really filling. They also do smoothies and soup if juice isn't your thing. You can find InstaJuice on Ecclesall Road if you fancy popping in. I have been thinking about getting a juicing machine ever since I watched the Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead documentary on Netflix but I don't really know where to start with what to buy and which recipes are good to try. Can anyone help?

* I have been making plans to catch up with friends for dinner at the end of the month and not only am I looking forward to seeing friends that I haven't seen in a while, but it gives me time to keep on building my strength in the hopes that I can fully enjoy myself when I'm there. 

* Last week I saw some signs of improvement in my levels of fatigue which made me probably the happiest person in the world! I managed a trip to Meadowhall on my own and I didn't feel poorly for doing so. Last time I went with Paul we had to leave shortly after arriving as I was struggling to put one foot in front of the other. Any kind of progress, no matter how small, does wonders for my mood!

* Making more time for blogging by doing a post each day through November has reminded me of how much I love it and how nice it is having old posts to look back on. 

* I have been enjoying reading again, now that my CFS symptoms have eased off and allow me to concentrate again, and I have been reading a thriller instead of my usual chick lit. I'm really enjoying the change of genre and using my brain to think about where the story will go. I will let you know if it's worth a read when I'm done.

* This is such a sad grown up thing to say but we got our living room carpets professionally cleaned on Friday and the fact the Chinese takeaway stain (my fault) has now gone makes me feel happy! 

* This week I watched the "Happy" documentary on Netflix and I would really recommend it. It made me feel so grateful for the things I've got in life and also got me thinking about how we can all make a difference to other people's lives and our own well-being by doing nice things for other people. 

* We are making plans to return to our little cottage in Wales early next year. We wanted to be there for my birthday but we were too slow at booking and some pesky people have beaten us to it, so it will have to be a "nearly my birthday" trip instead. The thought of that log burning fire, hot tub and peace and quiet makes me very happy indeed!

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