Novemblog #29 - 5 good things.


1) Finding somewhere that sells gluten free stollen; my absolute favourite of all the festive food. The shop in question is The Free From Bakehouse which has an online shop with lots of gluten free cakes so I don't have to miss out on eating myself silly this December!

2) Frosty mornings. I absolutely hate snow due to the fact it is usually slushy and disruptive rather than picture perfect, but I love waking up to see that it's cold and frosty outside. Even better if I get to stay warm indoors and look at it from afar, with a hot cup of tea. 

3) Having a huge clear out to take to a charity shop. I'm nowhere near living a minimalist life but I do enjoy being free of clutter and not hanging on to things that I don't use or need. Recently we have both had a clear out of clothes, books and kitchen paraphernalia ready to take to Rain Rescue later in the week. 

4) We just booked flights to go to the Isle of Man again to visit my sister. I am really excited to see my little niece for a few days, as it has been a few months since I last saw her and she is changing so quickly! 

5) From Friday onwards Paul is on annual leave for a couple of weeks which means lots of quality time together and, most importantly, buying our Christmas tree and decorating the house! 

What are your 5 good things at the moment?


  1. We had our first frosty morning today! Luckily I'm on annual leave (my first of the year :O) so it wasn't too disruptive! Hope you're doing well lovely xx

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    1. Enjoy your leave! Thanks for stopping by xx