Novemblog #28 - my favourite crafty Christmas DIY projects/the things I want to make!


There was a time I didn't really "get" Pinterest then I gave it a chance, had a browse, and resurfaced about 6 days later after looking at every photo that ever existed. I can be found here - and my favourite thing to do is look for DIY and craft ideas.

I have put together some of my favourite festive DIY ideas for cards, wrapping, home decor and baking. You can find the source of each photo by visiting my Christmas board using the link above and clicking on each photo.

I seem to have a fondness for reindeer shaped ideas; I'm obsessed with the fudge and the idea of dressing up a simple crate of beer using brown pipe cleaners, boggly eyes and red fluffy noses.

This year my mum has tasked me with taking crackers to our family Christmas day, which got me thinking that this highly important task can't be taken lightly ;) I really want to have a go at making my own, either from scratch or using the "fill your own" kits which come with hats and jokes included. I love the idea of crackers containing mini gifts that people actually want; mini toiletries, mini bottles of booze, scratchcards, lottery tickets.. have I missed anything?

I like the idea of decorating my own crackers using Pinterest for inspiration of course.

Something I love year after year are the melting snowmen biscuits. They would look adorable as part of a festive spread, and if you use shop bought biscuits they're even easier. How amazing are they with peanut butter cup hats?!

I recently decorated our small living room fireplace to give it a cosy Autumnal vibe, so I thought I would give it a festive Christmas themed update once we pop our tree up at the beginning of December. I'm thinking lots of pom poms, a garland across the ledge and some snow globes or trinkets amongst the garland?! I am obsessed with the fireplace in the photo below which is decorated to perfection!

I am really looking forward to Christmas this year; it will be a nice mixture of relaxing, eating, a drink or two, and catching up with family. We are splitting our time between the Lake District and Leeds between our families, and over the next few weeks I hope to use a little energy for some small DIY projects and presents. I'll let you know how I get on with my crackers!!

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