Novemblog #27 - five more kind (and easy) things you can do today.


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1) Send a Buddy Box to someone having a hard time or feeling under the weather. It's a wonderful idea described as a "hug in a box", which can be purchased as a one off or by subscription. Everyone likes receiving surprises in the post, especially if they contribute towards feeling more relaxed or happy. 

2) Pop positive and encouraging notes in random places either for a loved one or strangers to find. 

3) Send a postcard, letter or small gift to a poorly child using the Post Pals website. 

4) If you get good customer service tell them/their manager/your friends. We are so quick to be vocal about the bad service but we also need to shout about the people who go above and beyond! A quick compliment about someone to their manager can go a long way. 

5) Offer to babysit for friends or relatives with young children so they can enjoy a (probably much needed and long overdue) date night. 

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