Novemblog #25 - park life.


Today has been a fairly lazy day with the exception of a trip to the park and a trip to Pets at Home, which should have taken me half an hour but took twice as long because every man and his dog seemed to be on the roads this afternoon! 

Walking Lily and Lola at the same time has become a bit of a nightmare due to Lily's tendency to give up after about 3 minutes and Lola's fondness for chasing after joggers, passing cars, and anything else remotely distracting. So I took full advantage of having Paul at home today on his day off and we all wrapped up and went to our nearest park.

Lily seems to walk better off the lead so with two sets of eyes and plenty of space to keep away from everybody she managed a little wander around today. Although she did stop and sit in the mud for a large chunk of our trip.

After a steady stroll, spotting approximately a million squirrels and taking a few photos for our family album we headed home for a cuppa, a biscuit, and The Apprentice on catch-up telly. Tonight is going to involve a sausage and bean casserole with roast potatoes, cuddles with the pugs and not a lot else!

 Have a good Friday evening folks!


  1. That second picture needs to be printed and put on your wall. Bloomin' adorable <3
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    1. It's a good one isn't it, I might get it printed! x