Novemblog #24 - Lily and Lola, then and now.


Lily and Lola came to live with me just after Christmas of 2008. You can read the story of how I adopted them by clicking > here. I have always had a soft spot for Pugs and I couldn't believe my luck when I was able to adopt two. I often wonder how different my life would be if I had turned up at the Dogs Trust ten minutes later, when other people enquired about them but lost out to me.

I remember when my mum and I picked them up, between Christmas and New Year's Eve, how nervous and excited I was to be adopting two dogs. We attended an adoption meeting with other people who were also collecting dogs that day, then we were allowed to take Lily and Lola home. I drove home so my mum had them on her knee; they seemed so small and fragile. They seemed happy having a snooze on her lap, probably wondering where the hell they were heading to next!

The story with Lily and Lola is that they were dropped off by a young woman, along with another Pug (Lulu), who claimed that her mum owned them and had passed away. I believe a few days later she dropped more dogs off at the centre. The story didn't quite add up to me and I think they may have been at some sort of puppy mill. Lola had already had a litter of pups which had apparently all died, and she was only 18 months old. Lily probably wouldn't have been able to have puppies because she is so tiny and had a few health problems. They hadn't been lead trained or toilet trained so wherever they had been living can't have been very nice. 

It didn't take Lily and Lola long to settle in with me and my family. They had a whale of a time chasing my parents dogs round the table, jumping up on the sofa for cuddles, and wrapping me round their little fingers paws! They loved going on long walks with me, my mum and the other dogs; their little legs trying to keep up with my mum who they both love to bits.

Life certainly hasn't been plain sailing since I adopted the girls, with me moving house a fair few times, going through break ups, and going up and down the motorway with them in tow. At times it has been almost impossible to find places to rent that would allow pets, and when I lived alone it felt like such a huge responsibility to have two little critters depending on me, but they have saved me from feeling down on so many occasions. On days where I didn't want to get out of bed they gave me purpose and a reason to get out the house for a walk. 

They have such huge personalities for little dogs, and they are little indeed. Much smaller than most other Pugs we come across. As they get older they get lazier and love sleep more than ever but their personalities are still there. Lily is very gentle and sweet, but if Lola barks at the telly she is more than happy to step in and put her in her place. Lola is like a bull in a china shop, barking at everyone and everything, but she's such a cuddly little thing when she feels like it. 

We have all been so lucky to find Paul who loves them both to bits. The four of us live together in our lovely home and I know the girls are happy that there's no sign of moving again on the horizon. Our next door neighbours often pop round with leftover roast chicken for them, so they are quickly becoming their new favourite people.

Who knows how many more years we will all have together but I hope they will both be around for a bit longer. I would be lost without them that's for sure! 

P.S. If anyone knows a Pug called Lulu who was adopted in 2008 in Leeds do let me know. It would be lovely to have a reunion!