Novemblog #22 - That There Deli (Sheffield) - gluten free friendly!


Since cutting gluten out of my diet finding places to eat has been a bit of a nightmare. Before going out for a meal I have to investigate menus and dietary sheets online to make sure there's something I can have, and it tends to take the fun out of going out for a nice, stress-free meal. So, when I hear of places in Sheffield that are geared up for gluten free visitors I'm all ears.

That There Deli is a breakfast or lunch stop with a difference. Everything is vegetarian with vegan options too, and plenty of gluten free options; not just a token one or two things that seems to be the norm elsewhere.

Paul knows the owner through a friend so we bobbed along for lunch last week to say hello, and stuff our faces. We were going to take our food away but ended up eating in; there are a handful of chairs facing out the window, perfect for people watching!

I went for the frittata (off the specials board) with homemade coleslaw and salad finished off with a dollop of pesto, and Paul went for a toasted sandwich from the permanent menu with coleslaw and salad too. All of the sandwiches and toasties can be made with gluten free bread, but I fancied something a little different and I was not disappointed with my frittata. It was full of flavour and really filling.

We took two pieces of cake away to have later in the day with a cuppa. I had the gluten free almond and cherry brownie which was delicious and huge. Paul tried a vegan carrot, courgette and walnut loaf which he said was amazing, really moist and tasty (and we don't use the word moist unless we really have to!)

If you're after a tasty sandwich, toastie, salad box, jacket spud, or piece of cake that caters to your dietary requirements and doesn't break the bank then make That There Deli your next lunch stop! (It's opposite the Sharps fruit and veg shop on Abbeydale Road).


  1. Why have you cut gluten out of your diet? Is it supposed to help the CFS? xx
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    1. To heal my gut (which is such an awful word!) x