Novemblog #20 - life lately (throwing up at the theatre!!? and lazy days).


It has been a quiet couple of weeks for me with the past couple of days seeing some improvements in my health which is always welcome with open arms! Finally, something positive to say! ;)

A couple of weeks ago we went to Manchester with friends to watch an acapella group which we had all been excited about for months. Well, I should have known with me involved it wouldn't be plain sailing. I started to feel unwell the day before; really nauseous and weak but I wasn't too alarmed as my CFS can often make me feel like this. On the drive down to Manchester I gradually got worse and worse, and I couldn't eat more than a bite of my dinner. During the interval of the show everybody went to the bar and I stayed put to rest my legs. Suddenly I got an overwhelming urge to be sick and I knew it was going to happen. I was on my own, I knew I only had a minute or two to get to puking safety, and I knew the queue for the toilets would be huge. God, it was the absolute worst feeling!

Anyway to cut a long story short I puked during the interval without quite making it to safety, and then I had to sit in a special seat by the door for the second half of the show. I was mortified and feeling very sorry for myself. Not my finest hour I must say. Turns out a supplement I recently added to my repertoire was the culprit so needless to say it got the chop from my routine sharpish!

So the last couple of weeks have involved getting over those few days of pretty violent sickness and forcing myself to eat more, to give myself some energy. I seem to have emerged out of the other side feeling pretty good, which I will enjoy just in case it doesn't last long (it doesn't tend to, but you never know!)

Yesterday we had a visit from Paul's mum and stepdad which involved a spot of lunch and a catch up. With Paul working yesterday afternoon until late I had a relaxing evening in bed with Lily and Lola, watching the usual Saturday night telly. Then I slept like a log for about 11 hours which was BLISS!

Today I discovered the Heart Christmas radio station so I have been in my absolute element, singing along to festive tunes while I rustle up some lunch. I have got some cheesy made-for-TV festive films on the Sky planner too, and a good book on my Kindle, so that's my afternoon sorted. If I find any extra energy I might work on a little bit of stitching; I'm failing rather miserably at making progress on handmade gifts! Whoops.

Happy Sunday everyone. Sending you all lots of love for visiting my little space on the internet.

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