Novemblog #17 - Christmas gift guide (Pug edition!)


I love doing these Pug gift Christmas posts; have a look at previous years here, here and here. That's probably because I like looking at things that I would like to own. I'm sure you will know someone who owns a Pug or enjoys a Pug themed gift, or maybe you want to buy something for yourself because you love them too. Let's face it, they're pretty amazing pooches!

All Joules: mug / plate / teatowels

Joules isn't a shop I go into very often but I found myself in there recently scouting out a pair of boots I had seen online. I spotted these Pug items and I think they're absolutely lovely! They would make a nice present on their own or bought altogether as a set. I love the bright background colour and who doesn't enjoy a Pug in a pair of specs?!

Debenhams always come up trumps with Pug gifts. They're generally a good place to go for fairly cheap stocking fillers and cute bits. I love the screen wiper and I actually really need one of these to keep in my car! *hint hint*

 Various: dressing gown (Topshop) / cushion (Sabichi) / mug (Emma Bridgewater) / shopping trolley (Sabichi via Asda) / clock (Not on the High Street)

I actually own this red cushion already as I received it as a gift a few years ago. I can vouch that it's amazing quality and at their current reduced price of £7.75 you can go wild and buy two! I am obsessed with the Sabichi shopping trolley. I want to take it shopping with me and wheel my food home with me!

Let me know if you've spotted anything in the shops I might like! 

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