Novemblog #14 - a photo that makes me happy.


There are so many things I love about this photo:

♥ It is taken in the house I lived in from birth to being in my mid twenties, which my mum and dad have now moved out of so it makes me feel nostalgic when I see snippets of it.

♥ It is Christmas time and what's not to love about that.

♥ I absolutely loved that dress! White with red hearts from the Chelsea Girl range at River Island, which I stopped wearing because I got a stain on it. 

♥ Lily and Lola are in reindeer jumpers which is adorable. They still have these jumpers and can just about squeeze their chubby bellies into them.

♥ Lily and Lola were still babies.

♥ My hair is really long. Man I wish it was this long now! 

♥ I was healthy (ish) and happy (ish) and that seems a long way away from where I am now. 

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