Novemblog #11 - a lighthearted look at owning a Pug (10 things you might not know).


I'm sure you either have a Pug or love Pugs, if not you've come to the wrong blog! I've had Lily and Lola for almost eight years now and I wouldn't change them for the world. As much as they can be hard work sometimes, their comical nature and little quirks make up for it and I thought I would share a few of those funny things that my dogs (and other Pugs I know) do. 

- So you did your research and you heard they shed hair a lot? Get ready to buy shares in lint rollers and a invest in a ruddy good hoover because you're going to find little fawn coloured hairs on everything. I find them in all manner of places but my favourite time was the one I found inside my knickers once. 

- Pugs are amazing at cuddles because they're like hot water bottles, albeit a little more wriggly. They are in their element when they're near people so to pop one on your lap or on your feet, they are content as can be. Chances are they will fall asleep almost instantly! 

- Don't like going outside when it's raining, cold, snowing, windy? Good news, neither do Pugs! And actually it can be dangerous for them to be outside in extreme hot and cold temperatures so what more of an excuse do you all need to stay dry, warm and happy inside.

- Although saying that, even in perfect weather conditions they may just decide they have had enough of walking and make a protest by planting their bums firmly on the ground and not moving. Then, despite their size, feel like they weigh about a ton! Lily I'm looking at you young lady. 

- You know those robot hoovers that automatically scoot around the room picking up crumbs and tidbits? Well they're really expensive and you won't need one because Pugs have a special radar for dropped food. They will eat just about anything that is dropped (Lola had a go at a frozen chip once). Just make sure it's not chocolate!

- Like a good nights sleep? Great because so do Pugs, but if you're going to have them in bed with you be prepared for snoring so loud you will wonder how something so small can produce it. 

- Cheesy wrinkles anyone? Pug crinkles need cleaning regularly otherwise they can get a bit smelly and unpleasant. It's not the nicest of tasks but worth it so you can cuddle your furry friend without catching a whiff of cheesy Wotsits! 

- I personally find cutting Lily and Lola's nails more stressful than going for a smear. It's a two man job as a minimum and even then it is pretty much impossible to do without all hell breaking loose.

- Be prepared to hear the passing of wind from your cute furry sidekick when you have company round resulting in you constantly saying "that was the dog" to avoid any embarrassment. Also this is quite a good tactic if you do accidentally let one go yourself. 

- Last but not least, you will be followed everywhere you go, including the toilet if you let them. You will constantly have a set of beady eyes following you with a very curious look on their face, which can either be very cute or slightly embarrassing depending on what you're doing..

I hope you've enjoyed reading this - I know I'm biased but Pugs really are the most amazing little dogs. I would have 10 of them if I could! Let me know what capers your little pooches get up to.

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  1. Hi Victoria, longtime follower but I've not been on for so long, so missed out on so much.
    Since the last time I was here, I've got a pug too a little apricot lady called Nula. Can totally identify with everything you've said in this post, she's a funny, cheeky, naughty, loving little ball of constantly shedding fun. Emma