Gluten free food/snacks #1 - Genius, Amy's Kitchen, Nakd, Kettle Chips.


I'm going to start doing a series of blog posts every now and then reviewing some of the "free from" products that I buy. Since changing my diet (going 100% gluten free, and cutting down on dairy and sugar) I have tried to eat clean as much as possible, but there are some good packaged "free from" foods out there that are helpful to keep around the house, especially on the days where I don't feel well enough to cook more imaginative meals.

Hopefully this series will help you out if you're looking for new brands to try.

Amy's Kitchen - organic french country vegetable soup

I normally never buy tinned soup; I like the chilled stuff or better still, I like to make my own. But sometimes I can't be bothered and I need a quick fix. I haven't tried anything from Amy's Kitchen before so when my local Asda didn't have any appetising chilled soup and I spotted this one on special offer for around £1.20 per tin, I thought I would give it a whirl.

It's gluten free and vegan so bonus points there. All of the ingredients are organic, and there are no nasty surprises on the ingredients list. It is so refreshing to actually know what everything is inside a tinned product! It was tasty, full of chunky vegetables, and very filling.

Without the discounted price I personally think these tins are a little bit pricey but I will definitely be stocking up when they're reduced again, and I would be keen to try other flavours too.

Genius - triple seeded sandwich loaf

I have bought loaves of Genius bread many, many times, and the seeded variety is my favourite. They are gluten free, wheat free and milk free.

It is fair to say that I miss bread dearly since giving gluten the boot, and even though the GF alternatives are never as good as the real thing they do the job to satisfy the craving.

Some gluten free loaves are tiny and neither use nor ornament. The Genius loaves are a regular size so they're great for making sandwiches and having eggs/beans on toast. At £2.50 per loaf they're not cheap, and I have had a couple of dodgy loaves in the time I've been buying them, but generally they're a safe bet for when you need your bread fix!

Kettle Chips - sea salt and crushed black peppercorns

Most Kettle Chip flavours are gluten free which is excellent news because they're probably the best crisps ever. The sea salt and crushed black peppercorn variety are my favourite, particularly dipped in houmous. Yum!

Nakd - cocoa orange bars

We're all familiar with Nakd bars by now I'm sure but I thought I would include them anyway. I always keep a couple of different flavours in the cupboard or in my handbag so that I have an easy snack option to hand. I picked the Cocoa Orange off the shelf by accident, thinking they were the Cocoa Loco flavour that I love so much because they taste like brownies, but they're still a good shout especially if you like orange chocolate and need to keep the Terry's Chocolate Orange at bay! Other flavours I can highly recommend are Cashew Cookie, Bakewell Tart and Carrot Cake.

That's all for now but I will do another one again soon!

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I'm a fan of Nakd bars too. My favourites are the bakewell tart and apple pie, but I like the seasonal varieties they do such as gingerbread and Christmas pud!