5 good things (Autumn home decor and daily blogging in November?!)


This time of year is my favourite. I much prefer dressing for Autumn in lots of layers, woolly jumpers, tights and boots, and I love the leaves on the ground and the feeling of Christmas approaching, but my god it's cold isn't it? I don't know if it's my CFS or if I have always been such a cold person but it's so bad I can't seem to focus on anything else. I write this in a thermal top, hoodie, leggings, long johns (!), two pairs of socks, woolly hat, and a heated wheat bag! Oh and the heating is on. And I'm still cold. Seriously, if you know of any solutions for this please share as I fear I'm going to go mad!

I haven't done a 5 good things post for a while and I miss sitting down with my laptop and typing, so here goes.

1) After visiting Harry Potter Studios (see my last post) we have well and truly caught the Potter bug and we have been watching the films from the beginning. I have also been reading the books from the beginning, although my reading is very slow these days and I'm still on book one, whereas we're about to start film five next. I just don't think I will ever get bored of them! 

2) As I'm stuck at home 99% of the time I decided to set myself a little project to jazz up our fireplace with a cosy Autumnal vibe. I found the wire bird in a box of old things so he got a dusting off and now takes pride of place on the mantelpiece. The faux leaves were £7.99 from eBay and I'm really impressed with how good they are for that price! The pom pom garland was made by my own fair hands, and we have had the light box a while (from The Range). I don't think I did a bad job to say I'm not particularly blessed with masses of creativity! I can't wait to change it with the changing seasons!

3) I haven't bought any toiletries in about 6 months as I vowed that, with my lack of funds due to being off work poorly, I would use up the products I already have. Not only have I rediscovered some amazing things but it feels so satisfying to actually use products up and not spend money buying new things that I think I need but really don't. My streamlined cupboards and drawers and minimal skincare/makeup routine are making me very happy indeed! 

4) I have been debating whether to do a "blog every day in November" type thing. There are so many things I want to talk about and I think the challenge would spark some motivation in me and make me feel useful again. My issue is that my photography and editing skills are limited and I always feel that my blog posts aren't good enough if my photos aren't very good. If I can get over that mentality I might just do it. Novem-blog?! If you have ideas for posts you'd want to see from me please do let me know in the comments bit.

5) As sucky as being ill every day is, I am managing to find some positives from a negative situation and it makes things a little bit easier to deal with. I have also made some wonderful friends through talking about it on Instagram (on my main account @lilyloveslola and on my CFS account @thefogalwayslifts) and they really do help me to get through bad patches. Thanks ladies! 


  1. agh, I know what you mean about the cold at the moment. It has gone from mild to blummin' freezing all of a sudden and I cannot cope (neither can the dog who spends her entire day hiding under blankets!).

    Good luck with your blog every day in November challenge, I am sure you will have loads of interesting stuff to write about.... you always do! I'd love to see some posts about the pugs, maybe your daily routine with them?

    Hope you're well and having a great autumn, despite the colddddd! x

    1. Aww poor Elsie. I'd have thought pugs would keep warm with all their damn fluff!! :) Mind you, most of Lily and Lola's fur seems to be all over our house at the moment! Hope you're well. xx

  2. Yes to blogging everyday in November! I have been following your blog for a long time now as well as your personal insta and recently @thefogalwayslifts ! I do love your blog posts appreciating the little things in life! Everyone has its own struggles in life and I always find your words uplifting and positive! :) So basically keep going and lots of love from a reader from germany! XX Natalie (@natalie_schlirf on insta! ;-) )

    1. Hello Natalie! Thank you for supporting my blog and being so lovely. Sending love to you in Germany! xx

  3. Sorry to hear your CFS is playing you up! I have a chronic illness also (ehlers danlos hypermobility type) and it's really hard to deal with the cold weather. Not to mention my father in law is giving me a hard time about having the heating on so much 😐😂 haha

    Well done on not buying any toiletries! That is something I wish I could have done when I was off sick. Might have meant I wouldn't be so skint now!

    Imy really struggling with fatigue and getting posts done, so if you do the daily posting in November I'd be up for trying it also! 💖

    Robyn Sparkles

    1. Oh god, the heating wrestling match is a nightmare isn't it! I try to keep wrapped up in 100 layers round the house but usually I need the heating on as well, but my boyfriend is rarely cold. Lucky sod!

      Let's both give it a go; I'll read yours if you read mine :) xx