10 things making me happy at the moment.


1) Red Oaks on Amazon Prime. Has anyone else seen it? I had been looking for a new series to get stuck into and it's really blimmin' good! It has some laugh out loud moments but it's not overly silly, so you care about the characters and what happens to them. 

2) Giving the dogs a bath so I can cuddle them without catching a whiff of cheesy Wotsits! 

3) Finding Bath & Body Works candles that had been stashed away because they smelt too Christmassy, and burning them to fill our house with festive cheer!

4) Finding unread books on my Kindle.

5) Michael Buble's new album.

6) The return of The Apprentice.

7) Getting into crafts again; handmade Christmas cards, cross stitched gifts, pompom garlands, and trips to Hobbycraft for supplies.

8) Another break from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to give me a bit of free head space to be more productive with other things and to focus on my health/recovery without comparing myself to others who can do things that I can't. 

9) A new drama to get stuck into; The Missing. Two episodes in and we're hooked! 

10) Submitting my Christmas list to Santa aka my mum.


  1. Finding unread books on my kindle is one of my favourite things! xx

  2. haha! Love that you are making your Xmas list for Santa aka your mum :)