Quick hello and Isle of Man boat trip photos.


Happy Friday everyone! I hope you've all got nice plans for the weekend? My plans include rest, yoga, rest, making bracelets (I reopened my Etsy shop!), rest and watching telly. After a pretty rough week with my chronic fatigue syndrome, with appearances from my old friends the glandular fever symptoms, I have had a nice afternoon with Paul (we saw Jess Ennis!) and I feel a tad better this evening.. maybe something to do with looking at holidays online and thinking of sunnier places!

I haven't shared any photos from our recent trip yet so here we are. This lot mainly consist of photos from the boat trip we went on. "It will be a big boat" my sister said, "you won't get sea sick - they hold hundreds of people!" As we boarded what can only be described as a large fishing boat panic set in ;)

Apart from being inches away from being pooed on by a seagull, Paul being spat on by a child, and a lady nearly falling overboard because she was trying to do some crochet as the boat navigated some tricky waves, it was a great success! I wasn't sick and the sights were stunning!

More photos next time. Have a good weekend!

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