Life lately.. yoga, detoxing, and quality time with the BF! (and more Isle of Man trip photos).


- After working what feels like every hour of the day Paul now has a couple of weeks off work. All being well with my health and finding a dog-sitter we are hoping to go on a short holiday or, failing that, do a few outings or overnight stays in this country. We don't really mind as long as we're together (#passthesickbucket) and get some rest and relaxation in!

- Yesterday I had another appointment with my nutritional therapist, Rebecca. We talked through my test results for my adrenal gland function (which isn't functioning so well!) so I really need to focus on getting good quality rest, reducing stress and finding more activities that I enjoy and make me happy. That can be difficult when I'm often too poorly to get out and about so if anyone has any suggestions for new hobbies to try please do leave a comment!

- I have started doing epsom salt baths (using these) three times a week as they are supposed to have amazing benefits such as; easing muscle pain, replenishing magnesium in the body, healing cuts, helping colds, and drawing toxins from the body. And I am ALL about getting toxins out of my body. They have overstayed their welcome now that's for sure.

- I finally found a yoga video that I enjoy! After persevering with it, trying lots of different youtube videos, and feeling frustrated with my body's inability to form the various poses, I found this 10 minute sequence (link!) by 'Yoga with Adriene'. Short but sweet and manageable for my lack of bendyness!

- As well as the salt baths I am body brushing before my morning shower and it ain't half making me feel rubbish! This is apparently normal as the toxins are moving around but I hope it settles down soon.

That's about it really. All health and recovery focused as usual. I have so many other ideas for blog posts but the problem is finding the energy to type them up and take the photos. I promise I will slot them in as and when I can. Thanks for sticking with me!

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  1. Oh I have been wanting to get some epsom salts for the longest time! I'm guessing it's fine to use bubblebath / Lush bars in the bath at the same time as the salt? x