A picnic at Kedleston Hall and a health/happiness catch up!


It's odd to look at these photos from a couple of weeks ago when the weather was absolutely scorching, as I sit here freezing cold and clutching a heat bag! We took the pugs to Kedleston Hall for a few hours to have a picnic and a stroll around. I'm not sure who handled the heat worse out of me or Lily but suffice to say we didn't stroll for very long, but we did have a lovely picnic and take in the beautiful surroundings.

Since these pictures were taken I have noticed some improvements in my health (not every day, but most days) and some of my chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms seem to be easing up. I'm sleeping so much better and I can feel the benefit of that, even if I don't ever really feel refreshed from the sleep itself. I am currently enjoying a lift of my brain fog and headaches, and my appetite appears sometimes which is quite nice after a year of being nowhere to be seen. I still get debilitating fatigue which can come on suddenly and render me pretty useless, but I am so grateful for everything else easing up for me.

Last weekend we went camping for one night and it made me realise how much I rely on my routine to aid my recovery. Just one night of being cold, skipping meals / not eating healthily, and only getting two hours sleep made the rest of the weekend a bit of a write-off in terms of my health, but I managed some laughs with Paul and our friends and looking back I remember the funny bits and not the bit where I had to borrow a friends hotel room to fall into a coma for the afternoon!

I've had another session with Rebecca at Hello Healing who has given me a few new things to try with food habits and supplements. I am now on magnesium and fish oils, in addition to probiotics which I have been taking since May, and I feel better for taking both already.

I hate to tempt fate but, touch wood, I really feel like I can get a handle on this CFS thing and get back to some sort of normality again!

Life lately.. yoga, detoxing, and quality time with the BF! (and more Isle of Man trip photos).


- After working what feels like every hour of the day Paul now has a couple of weeks off work. All being well with my health and finding a dog-sitter we are hoping to go on a short holiday or, failing that, do a few outings or overnight stays in this country. We don't really mind as long as we're together (#passthesickbucket) and get some rest and relaxation in!

- Yesterday I had another appointment with my nutritional therapist, Rebecca. We talked through my test results for my adrenal gland function (which isn't functioning so well!) so I really need to focus on getting good quality rest, reducing stress and finding more activities that I enjoy and make me happy. That can be difficult when I'm often too poorly to get out and about so if anyone has any suggestions for new hobbies to try please do leave a comment!

- I have started doing epsom salt baths (using these) three times a week as they are supposed to have amazing benefits such as; easing muscle pain, replenishing magnesium in the body, healing cuts, helping colds, and drawing toxins from the body. And I am ALL about getting toxins out of my body. They have overstayed their welcome now that's for sure.

- I finally found a yoga video that I enjoy! After persevering with it, trying lots of different youtube videos, and feeling frustrated with my body's inability to form the various poses, I found this 10 minute sequence (link!) by 'Yoga with Adriene'. Short but sweet and manageable for my lack of bendyness!

- As well as the salt baths I am body brushing before my morning shower and it ain't half making me feel rubbish! This is apparently normal as the toxins are moving around but I hope it settles down soon.

That's about it really. All health and recovery focused as usual. I have so many other ideas for blog posts but the problem is finding the energy to type them up and take the photos. I promise I will slot them in as and when I can. Thanks for sticking with me!

Quick hello and Isle of Man boat trip photos.


Happy Friday everyone! I hope you've all got nice plans for the weekend? My plans include rest, yoga, rest, making bracelets (I reopened my Etsy shop!), rest and watching telly. After a pretty rough week with my chronic fatigue syndrome, with appearances from my old friends the glandular fever symptoms, I have had a nice afternoon with Paul (we saw Jess Ennis!) and I feel a tad better this evening.. maybe something to do with looking at holidays online and thinking of sunnier places!

I haven't shared any photos from our recent trip yet so here we are. This lot mainly consist of photos from the boat trip we went on. "It will be a big boat" my sister said, "you won't get sea sick - they hold hundreds of people!" As we boarded what can only be described as a large fishing boat panic set in ;)

Apart from being inches away from being pooed on by a seagull, Paul being spat on by a child, and a lady nearly falling overboard because she was trying to do some crochet as the boat navigated some tricky waves, it was a great success! I wasn't sick and the sights were stunning!

More photos next time. Have a good weekend!