Weight Watchers limited edition summer meals [review] #WWspicysummer


When Weight Watchers asked me to review their limited edition summer flavours, inspired by Mexico and Brazil, I knew the man for the job. My wonderful boyfriend, Paul! He works long shifts with antisocial hours, and often has to work through most of his breaks, so eating healthy, filling food can be tricky and he finds it difficult to find the time and energy to prepare meals in advance to take to work with him.

Paul has been busy trying out the new flavours, Brazilian Bahia Chicken and Rice and Naked Enchilada and Mexican Style Rice, and has taken over this blog post to let you know his thoughts (psst, you can find these meals at Asda, Morrisons and Ocado for £2.59).

First things first, a quick roundup:

- less than 400 calories
- low in fat
- low in sugar
- source of protein
- contain no artificial colours or flavourings

Over to you Paul!

Hi guys! Hope you don't mind me taking over for a post!

Working in a hectic job involving shifts and no guarantee of a proper break means it's often difficult finding the time to eat properly. If I'm lucky there might be a ten to fifteen minute window at some point where food can be inhaled in between jobs, but it's all too easy to use the lack of time as an excuse to fill up on things of questionable nutritional value. McDonalds or whichever kebab shop is closest normally get my vote (don't tell Victoria ;))

All sounds great doesn't it?! But what happens if, like me, you're rapidly approaching your mid thirties and every bite of a Big Mac is a major blow in the losing battle against the Middle Age Spread?!

Despite my penchant for most fast food, I do really enjoy eating healthy and at home we love cooking together and trying new recipes. But at work it becomes a real struggle finding things that taste good, are good for me, and can be prepared and consumed in quick time. So when Victoria asked me to help her out and sample some Weight Watchers ready meals, I thought it sounded like something that might well tick both the speedy and healthy boxes. I was looking forward to finding out if the tasty box was going to get ticked too!

I was given two different meals from the new Weight Watchers range to try. Both came in nicely styled packaging with the picture of each dish looking pretty tempting compared to a dodgy doner (my usual unhealthy choice) or a tinned tuna and plain rice (my usual healthy choice).

Brazilian Bahia Chicken and Rice

I opted to try this one first because the other one came with a 3/3 chilli rating, so it scared me a bit. This one came with a 1/3 chilli rating, a much safer option for 3am in the middle of a night shift!

The Brazilian Bahia meal is a chicken, chorizo and rice dish all cooked together with a smoky tomato and vegetable sauce. As with most microwave meals, the food inside didn't quite live up to what the sleeve had me expecting, but undeterred, it went in the microwave for three and a half minutes. Then it came out for a minute. Then it went back in for two minutes. And then back out to stand for another two minutes. Eight minutes is heading towards the top end of what I'd say is a fair preparation time for a microwave meal, but it was definitely worth the wait.

It smelled great as I was sat waiting for it to cool. The first thing I noticed as I tucked in was that it was crammed full of great big chunks of lovely tender, fresh tasting chicken. The tomato sauce had a lovely smoky taste to it with just the right amount of tang. I thought the rice to chicken to sauce ratio was spot on, although as a chorizo fan I would've liked to have found a few more pieces.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed every mouthful and I had a good few jealous colleagues asking me what I was eating. I was a little worried when I saw the portion size but I can honestly say it was more than enough to keep me going through the rest of my shift. Amazing considering it only contained 300 calories!

Naked Enchilada and Mexican Style Rice

Next up was the quite spicy but not quite as spicy as the chilli rating would have you believe it'd be spicy, Naked Enchilada and Mexican Style Rice. This one came with the sauce and rice in separate compartments which is a good shout so you can keep the rice as a bit of a mouth cooler if needed! It takes about the same preparation time and certainly left me feeling nice and full. And I'm not going to quibble over the extra 4 calories this one sneaks in! If I was going to be picky I'd say there was possibly a bit too much sauce and not enough chicken in this one. The chicken pieces I did get were lovely big juicy bits, but just a little sauce heavy. The rice and bean combo was really good and worked well with the main dish.

Over all I'd say the Brazilian Bahia meal was more my cup of Caipirinha but you should definitely taco look at the Naked Enchilada meal too. Both were high on taste, low on calories, easy on the wallet and quick on time. Enjoy!

Paul X

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  1. I enjoyed reading Paul's review. I did Weight Watchers a few years ago and it worked wonders for me! I didn't know about these meals, think I'll look out for them on my next weekly shop! :)

    1. I'm glad to hear that WW worked for you! I know a few people who have had good results with them too.
      Yes keep your eyes peeled next time you're shopping! :)

  2. Mexican food is my favourite so I'll definitely try and track down the Enchilada meal, sounds delicious! x


    1. Let me know what you think when you do Emily! :)