10 happy things (The Happy Newspaper, Stranger Things, planning trips, finding a gluten free restaurant in Sheffield!)


1) Signing up for a copy of The Happy Newspaper.

2) Planning lunch dates with my boyfriend when we don't get to spend as much time together as we would like.

3) Along with every other person on the planet enjoying Stranger Things on Netflix. My boyfriend and I have watched the whole series in the last week and we were hooked after the first episode. It's like a crazy mix of Stephen King vibes and The Goonies complete with 80s fashion and music.

4) Working on our garden. It's so nice having a lovely outside space to sit in. We've added a border, lots of plants and fairy lights so far!

5) Making pea and spinach pesto pasta (see recipe here) all the time because it tastes amazing and we have managed to keep a basil plant alive to make the pesto!

6) Planning a trip to the Isle of Man.

7) Finding products that have helped my eczema to settle down.

8) Having a boyfriend that makes me feel like a wonderful person, even though I know I'm a massive pain in the arse a lot of the time.

9) Going for a full body massage last week which massively helped my achy legs and shoulders.

10) Finding a restaurant in Sheffield that offers tons of gluten free options (Bistrot Pierre) where the food is amazing and they do a super reasonably priced lunch deal. Winner!

What are your happy things at the moment?


  1. I keep hearing such good thing about Stranger Things but haven't watched it yet. I must get on that!

    Renee | Life After Lux

    1. Yes you absolutely must! 😊

  2. Eh, how did I not know about The Happy Newspaper until now?! This is such a wonderful idea - like my Feel Good Friday series but times ten!

    I'd not heard of Stranger Things until today but you're the third person to mention it so I'm definitely adding it to my Netflix to-be-watched list.

    I've had a pricey washing machine repair today and then an expensive dentist appointment coming up on Thursday so I need to get stuck into my Happiness Planner to remind myself of all the good things I have in my life to chase away my money worries!


    1. Gah money worries are the worst. That's the main thing taking up my brain space at the moment!

  3. Ah wow, The Happy Newspaper looks awesome! I'm seriously tempted to subscribe to the paper copy, but have already just signed up to the e-mails! You'll have to let me know what the paper copy is like :) We've been working a lot on our garden and it's so lovely to have somewhere outside to spend time when you don't necessarily feel like going out of the house. And I'm a massive fan of a good massage - so good for pain management!

    Jenny xx