May round-up and 5 good things (Busted, babies, and Bath & Body Works).


So May was a pretty good month for us. We had a 3 night trip to Berlin at the start of the month which was lots of fun. The sun shone for us and we managed to see and do quite a bit, considering how poorly I felt. You can read about that trip> here! It felt so good to get some sun on our skin and satisfying to tick another place off our wish-list.

We saw Busted in concert at Sheffield Arena after I nabbed a couple of tickets when they were first released a little while ago. I was a HUGE Busted fan in my sixth form days. I had the chance to be in the Year 3000 video, only missing out because I had an exam (with hindsight I would have been better off going to the video shoot, ha!) Paul didn't really want to go but said he would keep me company. Guess who enjoyed himself massively? Yep! We both thought they were really bloody good, and our seats were such a good spot!

I got to spend a few days with my mum, sister and niece which was lovely. Mabel is the cutest little lady. We enjoyed some verrrry early mornings in front of Baby TV, walks down to the beach, and lots of cuddles and playing with toys. I don't get to see her very often so it was good to have 5 solid days with her. I love being an auntie!

We had a visit from a cheeky pug called Loki, who belongs to a friend of Paul's. We were a bit nervous about how Lily and Lola would take to him as they're old ladies now and very set in their ways but they really liked him! It was adorable to see them being inquisitive about him.

We also went to a christening which was a nice excuse to put a frock on and do my hair - it doesn't happen that often these days! We only stayed a few hours as, yes you guessed it, I wasn't feeling very well, but it was nice to catch up with some of Paul's friends all the same.

5 good things:

1) My sister brought a couple of Bath & Body Works candles back from Florida for me and my friend Katy also got me one from her recent trip to Dubai (thanks ladies!) I got a couple of the Watermelon Lemonade scent, and a Praline Pecan Cobbler one too. Both delicious.

2) We have vowed to start entering more competitions. I spent a solid couple of hours the other night entering lots of online competitions, scouring out holidays to Florida! Paul recently ordered some cheap postcards so that we can enter the ITV contests by post and it makes me ridiculously excited that we could win 250k or a holiday. Unlikely, yes, but I'm still ruddy excited about it! A girl can dream!

3) We have some fun things coming up for June including celebrating one year since our first date. This time last year we hadn't even swapped txt messages so it's weird to think how much has happened since then. Life is a funny ol' thing!

4) June also brings another concert, this time on a smaller scale. We have front row seats to see Sons of Pitches and we are both ridiculously excited for it. If any of you watched Gareth Malone's Naked Choir last year you will remember them. It should be fun!

5) I found another Disney couple to follow on YouTube. Yussss. I have just binge-watched all of the vlogs on That Sounds Fun and it has fuelled my desire to book a 7th Florida holiday. Unfortunately being ill and not being able to save has thrown a spanner in the works so Virgin Holidays, if you're watching, help a girl out...! ;)

What are your "good things" at the moment? 

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  1. You might already follow them if you love Disney couples but if not definitely check out Tim and Jen Tracker! There amazing and geat to watch, they help my Disney obsession! Also I'm glad your starting to de better :) xx

    1. Ooh I have stumbled upon them before but forgot all about them. Thanks for the reminder Jasmine!

  2. I'm so jealous you saw Busted!
    Good luck with the comps, if you need someone to go in your suitcase if you win a trip to Florida... ;)
    ♥ Fran - xx

    1. I'm sure there will be space in the case for an extra person! :P xx

  3. I saw Busted in London and despite not being a huge fan of them as a teen I had the best time! x

  4. It sounds like you've had a lot of lovely stuff filling up your calendar recently (and Paul sounds like an absolute keeper)!

    Good luck with the competitions - a free trip to Orlando would be a dream come true!


    1. Ah, he is! He's the best.
      Can you imagine winning a holiday to Orlando? I wouldn't believe it was real!! xx