Life lately (Pug-sitting, pizza and progress!)


It's pouring down with rain which is a rather rubbish end to a sunny week, although there's something quite therapeutic about being sat inside by the window listening to the rain. Sadly I need to venture out in it in a couple of hours. Not fun!

We have had our hands full this week with another pug! We are looking after Loki the pug while his owners are on holiday, just for a week, and boy has he kept us on our toes. We have been totally spoilt with Lily and Lola who are quite small for pugs, sleep through the night, follow our every move, and (as they are oldies now) plod along quite slowly. Loki is full of beans and has been darting around our garden, running into next doors house, not responding to his name, and has had us running around like a couple of lunatics. Not to mention the first two nights he didn't sleep through the night which meant neither did we.

As his time staying with us comes to an end he seems much more settled and is used to his new surroundings. It is hilarious watching him try to get Lily and Lola to play with him. Lily ignores him and Lola looks like a cranky old lady about to explode! Bless them, they are quite set in their ways now being nine years old, as opposed to his two.

We had a glorious day last Sunday in the garden. It's not often Paul has a day off from work, training courses or band related stuff so we fully made the most of the sunshine and a whole day together. We pitched up on a blanket in the back garden with our sun cream, music and iced drinks and worked on our tans.

Since I've been so good with my new eating plan we had a takeaway for tea. I had heard about a place in Sheffield called Italia Uno which has a regular menu along with vegan, gluten free, and low calories menus. I couldn't get pizza off my mind so gluten free pizza it was! It was good to satisfy my craving but the dough was an odd consistency. Almost sticky and very, very thin.

I remember making cauliflower pizza bases a while back which turned out really well so I think next time I fancy some pizza I'm going to give a DIY gluten free base a whirl. I can't for the life of me remember which recipe I used so if anybody has a good one they can share, please do!

In health news I am still sticking with my exercise plan. I am generally doing between 4 to 5 days per week of low impact, low intensity workouts and so far it hasn't killed me. Always a good sign. 

I have found that afternoon naps are sneaking in and have gone from occasionally to every day, so I need to knock that on the head. I sleep on a night, most of the time, but it's never good quality deep sleep so I rarely wake up feeling refreshed. If I could work out how to fix my night time sleep I would be happy as Larry! 

I'm going to sign off now. There are a couple of Disney vlogs with my name on! Do let me know what you have been up to this week, and whether you like reading these types of blog posts. I have no idea if my mundane life is of interest to anyone?! :)


  1. I do love a Cauliflower Pizza base - though my recipe (on the blog!) is very heavy on the cheese!

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Student Lifestyle Blog

    1. hehe, I can't fault you! Cheese = <3

  2. Ahh, I can't believe how teeny Lily and Lola are compared to Loki!

    I like these sorts of catch-up posts - maybe because I'm a nosey bugger and I'm always interested in what other people have been about to! After seriously injuring my foot at the end of last year, this week has marked me getting back into jogging (slowly, sweatily and not-very-quickly) but I've managed three with no foot pain so I'm counting that as a success!


  3. Such a nice catch up post, I love this posts :). And the dogs are absolutely adorable!!
    Clara x