Coconut Prawn Korma (Madeleine Shaw - testing the recipe!)


At the top of my wishlist is one of Madeleine Shaw's cookbooks as I have been really impressed with the recipes on her blog. They all fit in nicely with my new gluten free/sugar free lifestyle and, everything I have made so far, has been easy to make and really tasty. What I also like about her recipes are that they don't call for really obscure ingredients which are hard to find. There is just one thing I haven't managed to track down yet and that's coconut sugar, which I want for baking a cake, so I will have to order some online.

This week we whipped up her coconut prawn korma recipe as we always have a tin of coconut milk in the cupboard, and we have built up a good collection of spices which this recipe utilised. 

Not only is this korma healthy and incredibly tasty, but the recipe gave us enough for four servings instead of two, as we had some brown rice with ours. We will definitely make this again. I've been craving it non-stop since we polished off our second batch! 

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