5 good things (finishing a mammoth cross stitch project, our one year anniversary, and Loki the Pug goes home).


Thank you for the love on my 7th blogging anniversary post. It really gave me a boost to know that you enjoy reading my blog, and that some of you have been around since the very beginning!

I have been unwell with a case of mastitis since Saturday (why am I so unlucky?!) but my course of antibiotics is coming to an end and I'm starting to feel human again so I thought I would pop a "5 good things" post together as they're a great way to talk about the positive things in life. As much as things have been a bit pants lately with my health I do still have lots of lovely things going on around me that I am really grateful for.

1) Remember over a year ago I started a cross stitch project for my niece? Well, I didn't finish it in time for her birth, or for her first Christmas, BUT it is now finished and I couldn't be more pleased with how it turned out. It's an A-Z sampler by Historical Sampler and I bought mine from Amazon, here.

It is now framed and ready to hang - what do you think? It took hours and hours of work, and survived three house moves and two trips to the Isle of Man, but it has all been worth it as it will hopefully be around for a lifetime!

2) Love Island. No shame here, we are obsessed with watching it in our house!

3) Last week marked "one year since our first date" and Paul surprised me with a night away at a hotel. I found an anniversary card on top of my suitcase with a note telling me to pack a swimming cossie and something nice for dinner. I have never been surprised like that and it was just wonderful! Paul's friend came over to look after Lily and Lola and we had a relaxing afternoon in the hotel's pool/spa before dinner in the evening, which was seriously good. The restaurant had gluten free bread so I didn't miss out on a bread roll, or bread with my pate. I was so impressed! Nights away from home and a change of scenery are good for the soul I tell you.

4) June has been a lovely month which will be finished off with seeing my mum and dad tomorrow for Sunday lunch, two puddings and cheese/biscuits, a Sons of Pitches concert on Monday evening (front row seats!) and plans to catch up with a couple of friends that I haven't seen for absolutely ages.

5) We survived a week of looking after Loki the Pug! He was a handful at times, and woke us up in the night every.single.night, but we did come to love him and we were sad to see him go. Seeing him play with Lily and Lola was adorable but I think these two old timers are glad to have peace restored in their routines.

Let me know what you think about the cross stitch, and what your "good things" are right now!


  1. Your cross stitch turned out amazing!!

    Renee | Life After Lux

  2. That cross stitch looks beautiful, well done for not ditching it after all this time and pretending you never committed to it in the first place (that would have been my escape plan!). I hope you're as well as possible at the moment, look after yourself x

  3. The cross stitch looks fantastic! It's so lovely that you made that as a gift for her.

    My first good thing right now is managing to stick to eating reasonably well and achieve some weight loss - I may fit into more of my clothes soon! Second good thing is that I only have one full week left in work before I drop to a shorter week, which I really need for my health at the moment. And the third good thing is that I'm going away for a couple of nights next weekend to relax with my fiancé, and we'll get to see our goddaughter for the first time in a few months.

  4. That cross stitch is so pretty and has definitely inspired me to start one for my best friends baby.
    I love seeing all these positive blog posts on a deary Monday.