10 goals for June.


- Get out in the sunshine at every available opportunity. Me and Lola went to our local park the other day and, although it took us both an age to walk round it, we had a lovely stroll and I took loads of photos of her looking rather cute.

- I'm also working on my photo editing so you'll have to let me know if these photos are any good?! I'm clueless when it comes to messing around with photos on picmonkey! Practice makes perfect as they say. 

- Take a digital detox! I have realised that trying to keep up with Facebook, Twitter, and (more recently) Snapchat is exhausting and uses up my limited energy. So for the remainder of June I am going to stick with my blog and Instagram only, taking a short break from the other channels in the hopes that it will give me time and energy to focus on other things. It will also be good to remove any comparison between myself and others which can sometimes get me down. 

- Stop researching my illness on the internet. If you have chronic fatigue syndrome you will no doubt have endlessly googled the symptoms, cures, and read other people's stories. I have found that the internet is filled with the negative stories instead of the stories of those who recovered. So I am going to stop googling my symptoms in the hopes that it will stop me dwelling on them. 

- Pick up a cross stitching project. I started a new piece recently but I haven't had the inclination to work on it much. I plan to have a flick through my stash of old Cross Stitcher magazines to find a small design to work on. It's so much better working on something when you know it won't take you a year to complete (like my last project did!)

- Bake a gluten free and sugar free cake for our anniversary. I have been searching for the right recipe that doesn't require a million obscure ingredients and, when I find a good'un, I will be giving it a whirl to enjoy on our one year anniversary. 

- Let go of the past. Yes I used to be able to run around 24/7 with tons of energy, I used to do crazy workouts, I used to work full time, I used to be able to get through a day without crashing/burning/napping, but that's the past and at the moment I need to accept that things have changed and I just need to focus on getting better. 

- Make some money on eBay. I hate accumulating too much "stuff" so it's definitely time for a clear out. I'm hoping to make a couple of hundred quid on eBay, although with their fees and Paypal's fees that could be easier said than done!

- Finish one of my half-read books. With a break from social media I might have more time on my hands to sit down with a book and bloody finish the thing. I am halfway through After You by Jojo Moyes and also halfway through The Girl on the Train so I need to pull my finger out and get one, or both, completed. 

- Do my hair and makeup and wear something other than jogging bottoms at least once a week ;)

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  1. Your pictures are beautiful! Lola is so cute x

    Under Blue lights

  2. Oh my goodness, those photos! The last one especially is gorgeous.

    I'm with you on not researching CFS, or any similar illness. It's so easy to get lost in everything everyone says. When dealing with mine I found all the negativity and all the quick fix 'cures' so disheartening. Focusing on myself and not comparing really did seem to be the best way.

    1. I think the problem is different things work for different people so if you try to follow all of the advice you end up even more exhausted from it all! Thanks for stopping by :) x

  3. So sorry to hear you're still having a tough time with the CFS. I think the key thing is that everyone is different, I found it very hard to accept that I needed to slow down and also that I couldn't do some things I used to do, plus my body will always remind me if I am doing too much! I spoke to someone in his fifties who had glandular fever in his twenties and he said he still gets swollen glands when he does too much - his body's warning signal to have a good rest for a few days. Interestingly his doctor has also told him when he was ill that for every week he didn't 'slow down', he doubled the length of his recovery time - it occurred to me that thinking of it this way can be helpful, as taking a couple of solid rest days over a weekend can seem like a waste of precious weekend days BUT carrying on as normal makes recovery take at least four days.
    I have also found that focusing on the positives of needing lots of rest can help too - instead of going to bed early by myself, my partner will come with me and we will snuggle up and watch netflix/eat pizza to make it a cosy evening in; rather than just sit on my sofa I try and sit in the garden if the weather plays ball; sometimes we drive out to a country pub on a rainy day and just sit and have a hot chocolate. I know it is hard but I have come to accept that my pace of life is just different and there are good things about that.
    Sorry for the mega long comment! Keep on keeping on, you will eventually feel a little stronger, and in the meantime do try and focus on the positives xxxxxx

    1. These tips for resting are so helpful so thank you. I need to start realising that it doesn't have to be a bad thing!
      My neck glands/throat does that too. If it starts to feel swollen or sore I have to slow my pace riiiight down otherwise I will regret it. It has always been like that for me, way before my glandular fever days. The body is a funny old thing isn't it!

      Thank you for stopping by, it means a lot.xx

  4. I'm really sorry to hear you're still having a tough time with CFS. I have to put my hands up and admit I don't know much about it, but, from what you've said, it's understandable that you'll take time to adjust to a different pace. As long as you focus on taking little steps which will make you happy and healthy I hope it'll get easier day by day to stay positive.


    p.s. ahhhh, Lola is so blooming cute - I just want to squeeze her!

  5. Your pictures are beautiful lovely - I've always enjoyed looking at your photos :) So sorry you're struggling with the CFS - I completely understand. I have M.E/CFS alongside Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, and it's crap, it really is. But I think you've made a good decision not to keep looking online about it. There are some great resources online, but there is also a lot of rubbish and negativity, which you definitely don't need. I can't promise it will get better or that things will be easy, but you will find things that work for you and ways to adapt your life. I've also found it makes me appreciate the little things - feeling the sun on my face, a cuddle with my dogs/cats, a nice text from a friend. I expect you've got lots of support and people to talk to, but if you ever need a friendly ear or someone to listen who understands, I'd be more than happy to listen (you can find my contact details over on my blog). Sending lots of love,

    Jenny xx


    1. Hey Jenny, I am sorry to hear you're going through something similar. You're right, it's crap!!
      I'll be in touch :) xx