The April Pawsome box.


Occasionally Lily and Lola get to review some cool things all in the name of blogging, and they recently got the chance to try a Pawsomebox. Subscription boxes are all over the place whether they contain beauty products, food, vegan snacks, stationery, hair accessories, and pets don't get left out either. Pawsomebox is a subscription service where you complete an online profile about your pet and in return they receive goodies catered to their needs/interests. There is no obligation to sign up after receiving your first box, but if you do wish to sign up there are different subscription lengths to choose from.

Lily and Lola received the April Pawsomebox which contained a mixture of treats, toys and practical items.

Lily and Lola loved both of the edible items in the box (no surprises there then). NOM are healthy tea-infused biscuits which are oven baked. They come in different varieties but we received the "fresh breath" variety which is quite fitting as Lily and Lola do suffer from the occasional bit of death-breath. I definitely noticed a nicer aroma in their mouths after they polished off one of these biscuits.

The dried chicken filet treats have also been popular. I did worry initially that they would be too hard for Lily and Lola to manage. They only have a handful of teeth left which are only teeny tiny so they do prefer softer food/treats. They have been fine with these though! These 100% natural treats are low in fat and sugar free. 

The Biospotix flea treatments are a welcome addition to the box. It is a 100% natural solution to protect your dog from fleas, ticks and mosquitos, and the box has a 5 month supply. Obviously it's important to keep your pets free from these nasty critters and flea treatment is really expensive, so this is a great high value item to receive. 

Sadly Lily and Lola don't have a huge interest in toys and they only have teeny tiny mouths with very little teeth, so any kind of 'fetch' or tug toys are out of the question. They have never chased a ball or a boomerang and at their ripe old age I doubt they ever will. However the toys included were very cute (a squeaky set of teeth and a Garfield boomerang) and would be perfect for a slightly larger dog.

I should note that the box I received was a general selection of the items available for dogs of Lily and Lola's size, and the box wasn't catered to their specific interests. If I were to subscribe, which I would consider in the future, I would complete the online profile which hopefully would provide boxes full of healthy dog food and treats with some of the practical items as well.

If you want to give a box a whirl with no obligation to subscribe, get £5 off using the code: ukb4zmm9  Happy shopping!

* We received one complimentary Pawsomebox to try and share with you.

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