Polaroid photo printing "Polaroid 3000" [from Cheerz].


There's something special about having an album of photos to look back on in the future, or displaying photos in frames around the house, and I don't get photos printed enough even though I vow to do so every year when I make my New Year's Resolutions!

You may remember towards the end of last year I worked with Cheerz to get some photos printed and I was really pleased with the quality and customer service (you can read that post here). They recently got back in touch to let me know about their new Polaroid 3000 product where, for £15, you get a box of 18 photos printed in the style of a polaroid photo using images uploaded from your computer or Instagram and Facebook accounts. 

Having test driven the new Polaroid product I am really pleased with the order process and the end result! Some images were taken from my Instagram page and the rest from my computer. I popped the Polaroid filter over some images to brighten them up, and others I left as they were. It was easy to add the filter and remove it to compare both options. There is an added extra feature to have text on the bottom of each photo but I chose to leave all of mine blank.

The process of uploading and editing was really straightforward and quick to do, and my order arrived well packaged up just a few days later. The only problem was picking out 18 photos. Tough! I will definitely be back to order another set in the near future. 

I have displayed a few of my photos on a clip board frame (from Dunelm) and the rest will be dotted around my dressing table with a few others I already have displayed there (using twine and mini wooden pegs).

Are you a fan of these Polaroid pics?

* I received a complimentary set of Polaroid photos from Cheerz for reviewing purposes.

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  1. This is a very good way to get polaroid pics. I'm very glad, because I have a original Polaroid camera. It's not expansive, only the photo-paper. You should think about this.

    Greetings from the Baltic Sea - Sunny von it should rain flowers