Berlin - day two.


Day two was our favourite of the trip. The weather was glorious again, we had caught up on sleep from our early flight the day before and we were excited to explore Berlin together. I knew my energy levels were only going to last so long so this was the day we hoped to see the most sights while my legs could carry me!

Day two

* We explored a little bit of our neighbourhood, Prenzlauer Berg, taking in the surroundings and the sunshine. On Daisy's recommendation we tracked down bJuice as I wanted to counteract the huge burger I had eaten the night before with a healthy breakfast. The juices were really tasty, mine had such a fiery kick of ginger in it which did a great job of perking me up, but the best bit was Paul's face when the man told him the price ;)

* After our juices we walked to Alexanderplatz square to find the sightseeing buses, stopping for iced coffees on the way at Type Hype which was a coffee shop and an amazing shop all in one. 

* We hopped on a bus with our day passes and had the lower level all to ourselves, welcoming some shade and a much needed sit down. 

* We stayed on the bus for a while, taking in the sights, until we made it to Checkpoint Charlie when we hopped off for a stroll around.

* There is quite a bit of hustle and bustle around the Checkpoint Charlie stop but it's worth a look. We visited a small information centre which provided a lot of information about the checkpoint and different events which have taken place over the years, such as people trying to get over the wall and being smuggled in car boots. 

* We stopped for a bite to eat, nowhere fancy but hello halloumi kebab(!), and to watch the world go by for a little while. 

* Our next stop was the Topography of Terror Museum which is close to Checkpoint Charlie. On our way there we stumbled upon another photobooth so, of course, we got another strip of photos done. 

* We spent some time inside the museum and saw the remnants of the Berlin Wall outside. 

* Then it was time to catch the last bus of the day back to our starting point, and navigate our way back to our apartment on the U-bahn.

* As the sun was still shining we stopped at a delightful place near our apartment called CAFE Gestern Heute & Morgen and sat outside with a beer (him), prosecco (me) and a slice of vegan chocolate cherry cake (also me). 

* After a rest at the apartment we dressed up for dinner and had an amazing tapas feast at Tapitas. What could be better than chatting the night away with your best friend with lots of tapas and red wine. A great end to the day. 

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