Berlin - day one.


Months and months ago we booked a trip to Berlin for the start of May, thinking that my CFS would have cleared up and it would be the perfect long weekend to cram in lots of sightseeing, food and drink! As May approached it was clear that I wasn't going to have made a full and miraculous recovery but as our trip was bought and paid for we would be going ahead with it anyway, with a few little adjustments.

Instead of making an action packed itinerary for the three day trip we decided to play the whole thing by ear and do whatever we felt up to doing. This meant that we wouldn't see and do a few main touristy things but that's okay. There's always next time!

We had to wake up at 2:30am for our flight so we were pretty tired before we even began, but there's something about waking up in the middle of the night for a flight which is quite exciting, don't you think?

We were greeted by glorious sunshine and a perfect weather forecast for the weekend ahead, so off we went..!

Day one:

* We navigated the S-Bahn from the airport to Prenzlauer Berg to find our apartment, using directions from our lovely AirBnB host. Using public transport is not my forte, and following directions isn't a skill either come to think of it, but we made it thanks to some detailed notes our host had emailed us in the run up to our trip.

* We settled in at the apartment, having a well earned sit down. We used this time to get on the WiFi to formulate a plan of action for the rest of the day.

* We headed out into the sunshine to walk back to the station, this time using the U-Bahn to take us over to the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag building for a nosy and a spot of lunch.

* A combination of sleep deprivation, sunshine and a carb-filled lunch made us feel very sleepy so we soaked up some sunshine in the Tiergarten for an hour or so.

* After a stroll around the park we went back to our apartment to freshen up for dinner, taking an accidental two hour nap.

* TripAdvisor came up trumps with a few highly rated restaurants in the area so we decided to try The Bird, which was a short walk from our apartment. It was fully booked for the evening so we grabbed a couple of seats at the bar (we were far too tired to find somewhere else) and had our dinner, and a few beers, there.

* Finally we collapsed into bed for a well earned snooze!

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  1. Berlin sounds lovely - great photos too :)

    Caz | This is Caz

  2. I hope you enjoyed your trip to Berlin, it's a very great and loud city, there happen so much.

    Greetings from Germany - Sunny von it should rain flowers

  3. Sounds like a lovely first day, looking forward to seeing the rest of your photos and recommendations x

    Peonies and lilies

  4. I blooming love Berlin - you're so lucky to have got it in the sunshine too! Your apartment looks super cool as well, what an impressive music collection!


    p.s. er, awkward, but have you ever blogged about how you style your hair? I have a similar length cut and really struggle to put a cool wave through mine - it's really limp and straight or 'Annie' curly!