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I can't remember how I stumbled upon Monique's Instagram page but boy am I glad that I did. She creates the most amazing hand painted glasses and ceramics which can be purchased from her online shop with designs to choose from such as Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter, Disney Princesses, beautiful floral and bird patterns (the peacock designs are particularly stunning) and, my favourite, the clocks! That's what I love about Instagram; finding amazing independent shops to support! 

I've had my eye on so many things for such a long time so I was delighted when my friend bought me a pair of wine glasses when I moved into my flat last summer as she knew how much I loved them. These bad boys are huge and hold which is both a blessing and a curse! ;)

 Wine o'clock glasses - £12 each

I recently smashed one of Paul's whisky tumblers so I hotfooted it to Toasted Glass to replace it sharpish, deciding to continue with the clocks theme by customising one of the tumblers which is the perfect size for a little tipple. While I was there I noticed the David Bowie eggcup and I couldn't resist. Paul is a huge Bowie fan and was upset about him recently passing away, so I thought this would be a nice added extra gift for him and something to add to the Bowie bits and bobs that are dotted around our house.

Customisable tumbler - £15 each / David Bowie egg cup - £9.50 each

Last but not least we have a customised Christmas bauble (sorry to mention the C word in April!) I bought one for us, to mark our first Christmas together, and one for my niece as a gift for her first Christmas, but the listing shows them as "wifey" and "hubby" which is also a pretty neat idea for a couple of newlyweds for their first Crimbo. 

Next on my wishlist are the Pimms o'clock tumbler and glasses (perfect for the warmer months that are hopefully coming our way, to enjoy a spot of Pimms in the garden), one of the beautiful floral vases, and perhaps I'll scour the wedding section for gifts before the next wedding we attend. 

Customisable baubles - £8.00 each

What is your favourite item from my collection?

*Not sponsored (just sharing the love!)

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  1. Ooooh, I am bookmarking these for gifts! They are so pretty and so well painted! I have a couple of occasions that they would be perfect to give for.

    And as you mentioned Pimms, hilariously, Pimms Belgium followed Flash on Instagram today. So random!

  2. Awesome! Glad to have helped :)