DIY: recycled coffee jar "ways I love you" gift.


Last summer I was broke as a joke and needed some budget gift ideas for Paul's birthday, so I thought I would make one of his gifts to save some pennies. I had a small empty coffee jar and wondered if I could do something with that to make a thoughtful and ever-so-slightly-cheesy handmade gift.

I played around with a few ideas before settling on "31 things I love about you" as it was his 31st birthday. After cleaning the coffee jar and spending approximately 104637 hours getting rid of the sticky label I raided my craft box for supplies. I found a reel of jute ribbon which I tied round the top in a bow.

The border design was from a free printable sheet I found online, and I had lots of fun thinking of 31 silly/romantic sentiments to write on each piece of paper. 

I wasn't sure how my DIY efforts would go down but Paul loved it. He chose one piece of paper to read every day until all of the pieces had been opened, and now the jar lives in our bedroom on one of our shelves.

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  1. Love this idea - I recycle coffee jars for all kinds of things, but can't understand how it can always take so much effort to remove that last little sticky bit of glue!

  2. This is adorable, and an idea I'll be using, so thank you! It's my boyfriends 30th next month and I was looking for something a bit special and personalised, this is perfect :) :) :)

    Charlotte xx
    Fox Socks

  3. Aw that's such a cute idea!!

    Renee | Lose The Road

  4. This is such a cute idea! May have to adopt this idea for my other half's 30th next year! x

  5. This is such a cute idea and so sweet and meaningful, I think I may have to steal this idea one day!

    Natasha | The Night is Wild

  6. Aw I love this! What a great idea. My boyfriend turns 21 in October so will have to steal this little idea for then. I recently discovered that Pinterest has tons of free printable banners, illustrations and graphics for DIY crafts. It's super!

    Ellie x