5 good things (Yankee Candle wax burner, "make do and mend" and the return of Kimmy Schmidt!)


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1) As I'm running low on Bath & Body Works candles but can't bear to part with the £20 pricetags on eBay *waves at my big sister who is going to Florida this month ;)* I have to make do with other brands to cater to my obsession. I'm not a massive fan of Yankee Candle candles as I don't think they throw much scent around at all so I thought I would try one of their wax burners for a change. I love the look of the burner, which was only about 7 quid. I was tempted by the pink and cream version but put my sensible adult hat on to get the shade that would fit with our living room decor.

The scent of the wax melt (Moroccan argan oil) is amazing! Normally I steer towards sweet, sugary, cinnamon-y scents so this is a bit different to that and perfect for a living room space. The wax melt was only £1.50ish and has hardly melted, even though I've burnt it on and off for a good few hours now. The scent fills the room with hints of patchouli and sandalwood. Divine!

2) When you move house a gazillion times and pack up your belongings time and time again it is easy to forget what you actually own! I recently found my Kindle Fire and after a long ol' charge it was ready for action again. I have been struggling to get back into reading so I'm hoping this will help (I have so many books on there that I haven't read yet). It is also great for watching Netflix in bed! 

3) I have a tendency when things break or when buttons fall off clothes to write them off, and they sit gathering dust or I chuck them away. I have vowed to be more conscious of fixing things by dusting off my button sewing skills and investing in some super glue! So far I have fixed a beautiful statement necklace that I only wore a couple of times before it broke, and sewed buttons onto two tops. Next on my list is to sew some buttons back onto a coat and also find a way to fix another necklace which has lost one of its metal connector thingymabobs. 

4) The return of Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix! I loved series 1 and as of Friday there's a series 2 to binge-watch. Does anybody else watch it? 

5) A little bit of sunshine. The weather is a little bit unpredictable in Sheffield at the moment, to-ing and fro-ing between bright sunshine and miserable drizzle but when the sun comes out it's worth it, however brief! It's so nice to get out in the garden with a cuppa to soak up some vitamin D. It always makes me feel a bit more human.

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  1. I love Kimmie Schmidt and am looking forward to watching season 2, but I'm also loving LOVE on Netflix at the moment. It's another comedy series by Judd Apatow. Definitely worth checking out. I binge watched it yesterday.

    1. I've watched all of LOVE and thought it was really good! :)

  2. I've still not started on Kimmie Schmidt but it's next on my list!
    I love finding things when packing / unpacking though, I found a bottle of Dior Poison (unopened?!) last time!
    ♥ Fran - www.frannymac.com xx

  3. I tried to get Jim into Kimmie but he hated it. I'm considering leaving him over it. How can you hate that show? I have a few episodes of season 2 to go and it's just as good as season 1.
    We went to B&BW in Canada but I was with Jim and had to be sensible so I just bought hand cream.
    Bring the necklace to the dog walk and tell me what's missing and i'll bring the bit to fix it.....i have a lot of that sort of stuff! x

  4. You can get the clasps etc for your broken necklace for super cheap on eBay, search jewellery findings!

    I'm currently watching Orange is the New Black on netflix but once I'm up to date with that Kimmy Schmidt is next!

    Zoe xoxo